h2h ~ Back to the Future, Week II Preview

This column will predict how awesome/bad your team can be during next week’s contests. It will prove invaluable for those of you in weekly leagues, but will also help daily league owners because a number of leagues have started with weekly move caps to cut down on the nefarious streaming pitchers strategy. This makes it important to maximize your move allotment on two-start pitchers and key reserves who will have good matchups.

As an aside, why can’t Hollywood get together and explain time travel, or at least have a party line on how it should be incorporated into plots? When you think of Back to the Future I, Christopher Lloyd (Angels in the Outfield) warns Marty (Michael J. Fox) that he must be careful not to mess up the space-time continuum. However, Marty gives his dad enough confidence, so that he can slug Biff (an awesome gambler with a sports almanac), and thereby change his family’s fortunes for the better.

Then we have the current season of Lost **SPOILER ALERT**. At first, Faraday (Saving Private Ryan…FUBAR), says they must be careful not to do anything, or more accurately that, even if they wanted to, they couldn’t change what happened in the future by doing different things in the past. Still, it appears to me that he decides not to warn young Charlotte the second time he is in the others camp, right? Also, if Jin/Sawyer/Sayid/etc. are all in 1970, why didn’t they remember that they were on the island in a previous time? Is it because when they first crashed on the island they hadn’t actually been in 1970 yet? How is that possible, though, without them changing what happened from 1970 onward (if they are indeed new to the 1970 time continuum)? This makes no sense and that is the essence of Lost.

So, umm, back to the intent of the article: fantasy baseball.

As I’ve mentioned, leagues are starting to limit the amount of moves you can make on a weekly basis. So, if you are looking to maximize your moves, while boosting your offense, look to the:

  • Texas Rangers (Marlon Byrd, Hank Blalock, David Murphy, and Andruw Jones) (home for two series);
  • Chicago Cubs (Kosuke Fukudome, Mike Fontenot) (home for two series);
  • Baltimore Orioles (Ty Wigginton, Luke Scott, Cesar Izturis) (at Texas);
  • Kansas City Royals (David DeJesus, Mike Aviles) (at Texas);
  • Colorado Rockies (Dexter Fowler, Ryan Spilborghs, Seth Smith, Clint Barmes) (at Wrigley); and
  • St. Louis Cardinals (Yadier Molina, Chris Duncan, Skip Schumaker, Joe Thurston) (at Wrigley).

The players mentioned above should be available in most 12-team leagues. This is simply an endorsement for an increase in their value for this week – do not make long-term roster plans based on this.

On the flip side, if you are adding offense for just this week, you might want to avoid free agents from the Detroit Tigers (at Seattle), Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (at Seattle & Minnesota), Minnesota Twins (at home for two series) and Toronto Blue Jays (at Minnesota).

Still, you might get the most traction from adding starting pitchers, as they can impact Wins, Ks, ERA and WHIP. Consequently, who are some of the two start starting pitchers that could be available on the wire? A solid top ten looks like:

  1. Randy Johnson (at Los Angeles Dodgers and home against Arizona);
  2. Chris Volstad (at Atlanta and at Washington);
  3. Jesse Litsch (at Minnesota & home against Oakland);
  4. Mike Pelfrey (home against San Diego & home against Milwaukee);
  5. Jamie Moyer (at Washington & home against San Diego);
  6. Ricky Romero (at Minnesota & home against Oakland);
  7. Glen Perkins (home against Toronto & home against Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim);
  8. Kyle Davies (home against Cleveland & at Texas);
  9. Doug Davis (home against St. Louis & at San Francisco); and
  10. Zach Duke (home against Houston and at Atlanta).

If you get desperate there is Koji Uehara and Todd Wellemeyer, but avoid at all costs Carl Pavano’s two starts.

If you are looking to maximize one start from a pitcher who is likely available in your leagues, look to carpel tunnel syndrome, himself: Bronson Arroyo (at Milwaukee). There is also Edwin Jackson (at Seattle), Wandy Rodriguez (home against Cincinnati), David Purcey (home against Oakland), and Joe Saunders (at Seattle).

If you have any questions about weekly roster management, feel free to post a comment.

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2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by KMO on April 13, 2009 at 2:52 pm

    With half of one of my pitching rosters on the DL or NA your 2 start pitchers suggestions were helpful. I went with Perkins- Did he get off to good start and tail off last year or was he just routinely mediocre? I seem to remember having him on a team at some point last year.


  2. Perkins was mostly consistently mediocre last year for the Twinkies. He won 6 starts in both the first and second half and posted a 4.14 and 4.71 in those halfs. He did strikeout 12 more batters in 6 more innings in the first half, so he is somewhat better in the first half it appears (or it’s just a statistic anomaly).

    The thing about Twins pitchers is they pitch tremendously better at home. Perkins’ home ERA/WHIP was 3.84/1.39 while his away ERA/WHIP was 5.13/1.58

    Also, if you didnt catch it, Dukes threw a 9 inning, 5K gem and won the game.


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