h2h Corner ~ Keep, Trade or Drop (VI)

Time for the latest edition of the game show that is sweeping America like Who Wants to be a Millionaire did back in 1999, which was the year of Ivan Rodriguez, the New York Yankees and Livin’ La Vida Loca. You guessed it, Keep Trade or Drop (KTD).

Jarrod Washburn, Oliver Perez, or Edwin Jackson?

I think there is a consensus here, as you’ll read below. However, had you asked me before this weekend, I may have said keep Oliver Perez and trade Edwin Jackson. Oliver Perez has bad streaks where he walks the universe. However, his latest walking spell is not out of line with streaks he has had throughout his career. In his last two years, he has accumulated an ERA no worse than 4.22 and WHIP no worse than 1.40. While those aren’t great, the near 1:1 strike-out to inning ratio is salivating. That said, he has been downright horrible this year, so you have to keep the guy getting you a sub-2.5 and sub-1.05 WHIP. I’m keeping Edwin Jackson, a sixth round draft pick back in 2001, and dropping Oliver Perez. I doubt you can get anything in a trade for Perez. You can probably get something slightly usable for Washburn. I don’t believe he is this good a pitcher, the history of baseball and his career suggest he’s not. So you should be aggressively shopping him to neophytes.

Alex Zelvin (follow his updates on Draftbug, Draftbug Millionaire and Twitter):
Washburn – Drop. While he has ok control, his strikeout rate is always low, and he’s an extreme fly ball pitcher. That’s a recipe for disaster, and he’s been lucky to have as much success as he has over the years, even playing in a friendly home park. Jackson – Keep. Gulp. Once an overrated, over hyped prospect, Jackson fell off the future star radar several years ago. Surprisingly, he’s only 25 years old. His strikeout rate and walk rate are both headed in the right direction so far this season. It’s still early enough in the season that he may have just been lucky so far, but it looks like there’s a chance he may finally be ready to contribute. Perez – Trade. A very good strikeout rate can’t make up for his combination of awful control and REALLY extreme fly ball tendencies. To make matters worse, his strikeout rate has been in decline for the past few years. If you can get something of value for him, it’s probably time to ditch Perez.

Chris Olson:
Keep – Edwin Jackson – Gets those Ks, pitches in a nice ballpark, isn’t walking too many people early in the year AND he’s got that Tigers lineup behind him. Just ignore the fact that he was once traded for Danys Baez and indulge in knowing that he’s related to Bobby Jackson. So you know he’s got some fight in him. Ladies and Gentlemen I will accept your awards (in lieu of a trophy please send cash) as best KTD commenter now. Trade – Jarrod Washburn – Sell High! Or as high as Washburn gets. Set aside the knowledge that he is the only one of the three who is Constitutionally eligible to be elected President of the United States and remember that the lineups he faces in the AL West will start to pound on him like the Washburn we know and love so well. If you only take three pieces of advice this summer be sure to 1) trade Jarrod Washburn, 2) buy as much AIG stock as you can and 3) start kissing pigs. Drop – Oliver Perez – speaking of Swine Flu, did you know that Oliver Perez is from Mexico? Not that I’m trying to say anything about Oliver Perez or Mexico The More You Know. Although he IS pitching like he has some sort of disease early in the year. I’m pretty sure that this photog caught him feeling ill here after a bad performance against the worst team in baseball. Look, your fantasy team is going to have to share a clubhouse for an entire season – do you really want to risk your 5th starter infecting your entire club? That’s no way to win a title

Andrew Bloom:
Keep – Jackson – only his 3rd full season as a starter, so still making adjustments and room for growth. solid stuff, worth keeping onto the way he is pitching this year. Trade – Washburn – savvy veteran, what you see is what you get. not great K or win potential, but pitching above his ability right now and his trade value could not be any higher. Drop – Perez – dropping him means that you actually owned him in the first place. shame on you

Dan Harrow:
I’m keeping Jackson, trading Washburn, and dropping Perez. Oliver Perez has great stuff, but he has no consistent command and control, and I think he’s really past the point in his career where he’s going to suddenly develop some command and control. He may help a lot you for a little while, but most of the time he will kill your ratios. Washburn is starting out hot for the season, but I don’t think his stuff is that great, he’s getting up there in age, and I think he’ll probably fall to Earth somewhat soon. Trade him while you still can. Edwin Jackson is the classic post hype sleeper. One of the hardest throwers in baseball, he never really reached his potential because of terrible command and control. At some point last season though, he finally harnessed that fastball and grew more consistent with his slider. Having watched him pitch against the Yankees on Tuesday, I can confirm that his command and control are indeed good enough to let his excellent stuff take over. At 94.2, his average fastball velocity is among the league leaders (AJ Burnett is around the same). He may be prone to some bad days, but unlike Oliver Perez, I think the good days should outweigh the bad. He’s definitely the keeper.

Nate Grimes:
Keep Edwin Jackson. Projects to be the most productive Edwin in the American League, by far. He is gonna be worth more than whatever you paid for him. He and Washburn have the same number of K’s this year, that will change soon. You got the number u no what 2 do wit it!!! Trade Jarrod Washburn, if you can. Fantastic start, nothing in his past 6 years suggests it will continue. If you can find someone who has an pitcher that has been hit hard (Peavy, Kershaw,etc) see if they want some help. Except Washburn actually won’t help. In a 10 team league a manager dropped Kershaw for Washburn. I can’t explain it, but it happens, and why not take advantage. Drop Ollie Perez. No one likes him. Seriously.

KTDs so far:
KTD.1 (Kelly Johnson, Alexei Ramirez, or Robinson Cano & Matt Kemp, Alex Rios or Jason Bay & Gil Meche, Derek Lowe or Justin Verlander).
KTD.II (Jay Bruce, Andre Ethier, or Hunter Pence & Jonathan Paplebon, Francisco Rodriguez, or Mariano Rivera & Ryan Howard, Mark Teixeira or Lance Berkman).
KTD.III (Bobby Abreu, Raul Ibanez or Pat Burrell).
KTD.IV (Shane Victorino, Jacoby Ellsbury, Carl Crawford)
KTD.V (Emilio Bonifacio, Aaron Hill, Orlando Hudson)

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