h2h Corner ~ The Great Trade Debate

You know how borderline trades can ruin leagues and sometimes friendships? I don’t think I have to tell you. That’s why Fantasy Baseball 101 created the Trade Mediator Service. At its base, fantasy needs to be fun – when it starts to become a drag and people are personally attacking one another, then, well, it has ceased to become a game.

I want to highlight a situation and get my reader’s feedback.

A friend recently e-mailed me about a trade in his long-term keeper league, with great friends from college. It’s a shallow league (8) teams, with 30 roster spots. It is h2h, and 5×5 (they switch AVE for OBP — otherwise standard). There are no quirky roster move rules or anything.

The way they do keepers is you add two rounds to each drafted player for the next year. So Granderson in the 10th in 2009 will be an 8th round pick in 2010, if you so choose to keep him.

So recently, the last place team, which is out of the final play-off spot by 25 games, decided to trade Hanley Ramirez (not able to be kept), Cliff Lee (no reason to keep him), Jonathan Papelbon (no reason to keep him) and Manny Ramirez (no reason to keep him) for Jacoby Ellsbury (17th rounder next year, then 15th rounder, then 13th, etc.), Wandy Rodriguez (24th rounder next year, then 22nd, etc.) and a 6th round pick in next year’s draft to the first place team. The team getting the four players dropped Furcal and CJ Wilson.

This was days after the second-to-last-place team traded Alex Rodriguez (not able to be kept), CC Sabathia (not able to be kept) and Joe Nathan (no reason to keep him) for Matt Kemp (seventh rounder next year, 5th rounder in 2011) and Aaron Hill (24th rounder, then 22nd, etc.).

So what say you loyal readers about the trades? It’s always fun to politely debate (eh?).

Also, sorry for my sporadic writing lately – I know you miss your Katy Perry All-stars, Back to the Future Previews and Red Light Districts. I’ve been moving and Verizon is really killing me with the no Internet thing (does anyone have an in with them?). I’ll be steadier soon (then I’ll be gone for two weeks). Sorry – I appreciate my readers!

4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Kelsey on July 28, 2009 at 8:24 pm

    I hear there is no crying in baseball.

    I’m fuzzy on the details, but it seems to me that when willing parties agree to a trade there is no cause for drama amongst the other participants in the league. It is just part of the game. If the trade is “unfair,” then it only reflects poorly on one participant’s knowledge and skill. I say kudos to the more saavy participant for their forethought and superior grasp of the landscape.


  2. It seems like both trades are pretty ridiculous for current value. Of course if those teams are completely out of the play-off hunt, AROD, Sabathia, Ramirez (Hanley and Manny) don’t have much value. Getting young players like Kemp and Ellsbury seems like a good haul. You’d think with all those players the last place team could have done better, but in a shallow league, I’m guessing everyone is pretty stacked. The teams getting the A-listers seem to be making out, but losing those keepers and draft picks next year must hurt.


  3. Posted by Marcus on July 29, 2009 at 7:51 am

    I think in both cases, the teams dealing for the future did not get “fair” value in return, but I think both of those trades are fine – its classic current value for future value. The guy in last place has absolutely no use for Hanley or Papelbon, but could definitely use Ellsbury, Wandy and a high pick next year. The second trade was not as good value-wise, but not ridiculous.

    By the way, I warn that league – my mixed 12-team league allowed future draft pick trading for one season, and it nearly ruined the league. It got completely out of hand and was really awful. You had people dumping picks left and right for stars.


  4. Posted by Albert Lang on July 29, 2009 at 8:06 am

    Thanks for the posts.

    It is incredibly hard in leagues such as this, especially in their early forms (this league is only two years old), to gauge the value of “playing for this year” and playing for next year.

    It’s great to have feedback from other people that have tried similar leagues so this one can avoid those pitfalls.


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