h2h Corner ~ Katy Perry All-Stars XV

Right now, trading deadlines are past or fast approaching and owners are jockeying for their playoff lives. This is the time where you shed underperformers and cling to hot bats and arms.

So, on to the latest installment of the weekly hot and cold fantasy update.

First up, let’s take a look at who’s hot:

Scott Podsednik – Podsednik could have single-handedly won you SBs last week – he swiped four. In addition, Scotty Pods (‘cause we’re close) scored five runs, hit a homer and posted a .321/.367 AVE/OBP. If you need steals, please claim Podsednik.

Jack Cust – Cust was a monster last week: five runs, three HRs, six RBIs, a .417 AVE and .500 OBP. Cust has a done a ton of damage in the month of September for his career, posting a .249 AVE, .404 OBP and .884 OPS. In just 81 games, he has smacked 12 HRs, i.e. one every seven games or less. If you need power, grab this guy.

Andy Marte – We expect a lot in this society. We expect blue chip prospects to become studs immediately. Sometimes, it takes awhile for kids to mature. Marte, who is just 25, has come back from AAA on a tear. In the last week alone, he managed four runs, two HRs and seven RBIs. He is only one percent owned and qualifies at both corner infield positions. People get hot, why not Marte? Keep him on your radar.

Jeremy Guthrie – Speaking of uber prospects written off early (Guthrie was the 22nd overall selection in the 2002 draft), Guthrie had an impressive two-start week: 14 IPs, two wins, seven Ks and a tidy 1.29/1.00 ERA/WHIP. What did his starts have in common? They were outside the brutal AL East. Guthrie was a useful fantasy starter as recently as last year. Still, I wouldn’t want any part of his starts within the division.

John Smoltz – My how the grass is greener. Sure, Smoltz had a rather unlucky BAbip (.383 on the season), but I doubt anyone thought he’d be this successful in his first starter in the minor – er – National League: nine Ks in five IPs, and a crystal clear 0.00 ERA and 0.60 WHIP. I’d be jumping on Smoltz, who is only 38 percent owned in Yahoo! leagues.

Marc Rzepczynski – Another AL east pitcher, Rzepczynski had two successful outings. Unlike Guthrie, his outings came against good hitting teams (Tampa Bay and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim). In those starts, Rzepczynski went 12.1 IPs, stuck out 13 and posted a 2.19 ERA and 0.97 WHIP. For the season he has basically struck out a batter an inning. While the division knocks him down a few pegs – Rzepczynski, who is only five percent owned, would be a great spot start/streaming option down the stretch.

THE FLIP SIDE (the supposed good guys who are stinking up the joint)

Time to move on to those cold salamanders that are likely owned in your league, yet have sucked lately.

Gavin Floyd – Floyd, technically, had a bad week: 4.05 ERA. However, he did strike out 11 batters in 13.1 IPs, while posting a 1.12 WHIP. If you overreact to something as variable as ERA, you don’t deserve to win. Look, the two stats that matter most for pitchers in h2h is Ks per nine and WHIP – those won’t vary as much as ERA. So as long as a pitcher is posting good ratios in those statistics, deal with a small ERA fluctuation from time to time.

Scott Richmond – I’ll further illustrate my point with Richmond. Last week, he had a 5.14 ERA – disastrous, right? Not so, he provided 10 Ks in seven IPs and posted a 1.29 WHIP. On the season he has a great K rate and WHIP. That ERA is just a blip. He’ll continue to be serviceable – which, while odd, is pretty reasonable based on his last 100 IPs of work.

Russell Martin – Martin managed a .143 AVE last week, while posting a .250 OBP and adding just one run. He hasn’t been much better over his last 85 at bats, scoring just 11 runs, while hitting a single HR and stealing just one base. If you are looking for a catcher that won’t hurt you, might I suggest AJ Pierzynski? How about John Baker? Miguel Montero? Maybe a Kurt Suzuki if you need runs and RBIs? Bottom line, it’s time to cut Martin loose in all but deep leagues.

Alfonso Soriano – Soriano has established himself on the wrong side of Katy’s All-stars for some time now. Soriano had a miserable week in limited duty: .100 AVE, no runs or RBIs, one stolen base and a .250 OBP. Soriano hasn’t been good in a long time. It is time to cut him loose, especially in 10-team leagues. Look at the players available: Will Venable (five percent owned), Marlon Byrd (19 percent), Josh Willingham (44 percent), Cody Ross (36 percent), Julio Borbon (10 percent), Scott Podsednik (22 percent), or Mike Cameron (35 percent) – they’ll help you, not hurt you like Alfie has been doing.

Orlando Hudson – O-dog just hasn’t been that good recently. Last week, he hit .211 scored two runs and posted a .250 OBP. Hudson is just a lot of fluff and little substance. I think you could do better with Jayson Nix (one percent owned). Don’t be afraid to switch it up this late in the game. You need to get hot players on your squad at bats and purge slow performers.

All stats are as of August 27.

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