h2h Corner ~ Jason Heyward: Braves (and your?) Starting Outifelder

The Atlanta Journal Constitution is reporting that Jason Heyward will be on the Braves’ opening day roster.

That’s all well and good for Braves fans and Bobby Cox’s swan song, but what about us, the little people who play fantasy baseball.

Well, first, his Average Draft Position is in the 228 range. He should clearly move up a few rounds (maybe around pick 160 and especially over the likes of Garrett Jones, Corey Hart, Vernon Wells, and Alex Rios).

He merits a meteoric rise because, over three minor league seasons, he hit .318 with a .391 OBP and .508 SLG. While he wont match those numbers — not by a long stretch — that track record indicates he can hit the ground running (double pun?). A .260+ average, with 20+ HRs and double digit steals seems likely.

But wait, there’s more: the upside (it’s tantalizing, I know). In a pretty realistic best case scenario you could have a season a lot like Shin-soo Choo’s 2009 (80+ runs and RBIs, 20+ HRs, 20 steals and a decent average). Choo is a top 10 round draft pick — that is what Heyward can be in 2010. Afterward, watch out — the sky is the limit. So, for those of you in keeper leagues, make sure you bump him up a few rounds/dollars to secure the next big thing.

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