h2h Corner ~ An Impromptu Closer Carousel

It seems a whole lot of closers are on life support at the moment. I’ll get a full Closer Carousel out to everyone (with the impeccable chartography [yes, I know it isn’t a word]) in the next two days. For now, you’ll have to settle for a quick run down.

Texas Rangers – Is Neftali Feliz the next Jonathan Papelbon? While both pitchers profiled to be plus starters (given their ability to throw multiple pitches for strikes), both were tabbed for relief roles early in their careers. In addition, both profiled to be eighth inning guys until veterans got hurt/crapped the bed. At the moment, Feliz is only the temporary closer for the Rangers. According to manager Ron Washington, Feliz is “our closer until I get [Frank Francisco] back there…Frankie will be the closer of the Texas Rangers.” However, don’t be surprised if Feliz takes the job and runs with it. He has exceptional talent and it will be hard to remove him if he fires off several save conversions in a row. He probably isn’t available, but if he is, grab him.

Baltimore OriolesAccording to Britt Ghiroli, Mike Gonzalez has left the team for a family manner. Clearly he is not the closer at the moment. The Orioles turned to Jim Johnson last year and should do so again. However, they are incredibly committed to Gonzalez ($12 million salary, plus they gave up a second rounder to sign him), so they will do whatever it takes to get value out of him. Johnson will not have a long leash. Furthermore, even if Johnson performs well, Gonzalez will get multiple cracks at the closer role. Johnson is a good short-term add and someone every Gonzalez owner should own, but not much more. Also, Cla Meredith has officially become a person of interest.

Cleveland Indians – Shockingly, Chris Perez was asked to do the unthinkable over the weekend: get a four-out save. Unfortuantely, Perez was not up to the task, as he allowed three runs on three hits and three walks. This outing is a perfect example of the problems Perez has had over his career: walking batters. Perez is owned in only 53% of Yahoo! leagues for some reason. He should be owned in 100%. His job is safe until Kerry Wood returns, at which point the Indians will do all they can to extract value from Wood. The ultimate goal would be to trade Wood for anything, which would give the closing duties back to Perez.

FB101’s 411: Grab Neftali Feliz and Chris Perez immediately. Look to fit Jim Johnson in. Keep an eye on Meredith.

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  1. Chris Perez has been getting hit up a bit, I’m kinda leaning towards Perez being a more of a permanent set-up man.
    I’m not sure he has the “marbles” to handle the closer job.


  2. Posted by Albert Lang on April 13, 2010 at 7:46 am

    I’m not sure he has the walk rate to be a good closer, but that Indians pen is barren. If they can, they’ll trade Wood this year. And there is a strong hope that they can turn Perez into a top flight reliever. he;s the youngest guy they have, so they’ll give him a lot of rope i think.

    It wont be pretty, but he should end up with a decent amount of saves this year.


  3. I don’t know what the circumstances were, but Cleveland never should have let Betancourt go, I like his stuff a lot. With Street down in Colorado, he should be the guy over Morales.

    P.S. Thanks for the fantasy ass woopin week 1.
    We’ll meet again Albert and you can expect our matchup to be a bit more interesting the next time around.


  4. Random question for you…
    I’m having some serious OF issues in one of my other leagues. It’s a 10 team, 7×7 league.
    I’m trying to decide between Brad Hawpe, Chris Young, or Josh Willingham.
    Any advice?


  5. Posted by Albert Lang on April 13, 2010 at 12:19 pm

    I always thought Betancourt would get the call over Morales. But Jesse, rightly, pointed out that they find Betancourt more valuable in the middle relief role as they can plug him into more high-leverage situations that way. It’s the smart way to handle a bull pen. I’m a multiple Betancourt owner, for what it’s woth.

    Toss out week I, it’s an anomaly, we dont know our strengths and weaknesses yet. I imagine our teams will be different the next time we meet.

    Brad Hawpe is terribly consistent (which is a good thing). Josh Willingham crushes lefties (and he has faced a ton of lefty starters lately, which is why he has been playing so well). Chris Young has been playing well, but he’ll never help in AVE/OBP.

    What are the categories?


  6. Offensive: R, HR, RBI, SB, SO, AVG., OPS
    I’m leaning towards Chris Young because I see him moving up in the D Backs line-up eventually.


  7. Given Young’s poor OBP, i think Hawpe and Willingham will beat him in OPS. I’d probably grab the consistent Hawpe.

    However, i cant fault you for trying to catch lightening in a bottle with Young.


  8. I forgot to mention, I’m dropping Chris Davis in order to pick up one of those guys. I had him on my team last year and I have officially given up on him.

    P.S. You had to love Matusz performance tonight.


  9. Posted by Albert Lang on April 14, 2010 at 7:07 am

    I have no problem dropping Davis – never been a huge fan (http://www.fantasybaseball101.com/2010/04/14/h2h-corner-katy-perry-hot-%E2%80%98n%E2%80%99-cold-all-stars/).

    And, yes, Matusz is the future. So is Britton, Tilman and Arietta, oh and David Hernandez — it’s hard not to be excited as an Orioles fan. We havent had a true game changing prospect (sorry Markakis/Roberts) since Mike Mussina.


  10. Went with Chris Young, hoping to get lucky.
    Ditched Chris Davis and I’m still not sure why I drafted him on the first place. Hes now added to the “dead to me” list. Others include Jose Reyes and Geovanny Soto. On thin ice, Jay Bruce if he doesn’t shape up.
    On another note, I also picked up Barry Zito. I’m loving the entire Giants pitching staff.


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