h2h Corner ~ Video Killed the Radio Star

Ok, I am, by no means, a star on the radio. Last night, I sure stumbled over my words in some parts, but I think we had some great discussions on fantasy and, more broadly, baseball related topics.

I was thankful to Joel Henard (of Baseball Daily Digest Radio, The Fantasy Insiders and Talking Baseball Live fame) for asking me to guest on his show. It was awesome to work with Kevin Orris as well. For those of you who don’t know, he is the founder and president of Baseball Insiders. Follow them on twitter, they are chalk full of great info and insights.

As for the show, you can listen to the play back here (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/talkingbaseballlive/2010/08/05/talking-baseball-live).

What we talked about, in several nutshells:

The Rays plan to use Jeremy Hellickson for just one (damn good) start. In my opinion, it made sense to give their fab five a rest. The only guy who has stumbled this year is Wade Davis, but he has been sick since the break (2.11 ERA, 1.08 WHIP, only 5 walks in 21.1 IPs.).

We also talked about whether you start Stephen Strasburg in his next outing. Both Kevin and I think you do so automatically. Owners only get so many bites at the apple this year with him. Also, if you’re in a redraft league, you’re dealing him for whatever you can get. I said this awhile ago.

As Joel is a massive White Sox fan, we spent a good portion on the front running South-siders. First, we talked about the Daniel Hudson deal and what impact that has on fantasy. I was a bit more bullish on Hudson then Kevin was. In pitching heavy leagues, he’s a definite add. Anytime you move from a DH to a pitcher, you have to boost value (hello Joe Saunders). Hudson has a decent pedigree and someone I’d be happy to kick the tires on, especially when he pitches at San Francisco, San Diego and the Dodgers.

We moved onto Chris Sale, the Sox best pitching prospect. The Sox brought him up for bullpen support this year, I assume to give Ozzie Guillen the ability to use Matt Thornton even more creatively. Kevin has some great detail on Sale and his future potential. Bottom line: he isn’t for fantasy this year, but could be an impact under-the-radar pitcher in 2011.

Lastly, we focused on whether the Sox could maintain their lead over the Twins. Much to Joel’s dismay, neither Kevin nor I saw them beating out the Twins. I don’t love the White Sox squad, but Gordon Beckham has been hitting and Matt Capps isn’t the answer in Minnesota. Still, it’s hard to bet against the Twinkies – this one will go down to the wire when an errant bounce of the baseball decides it. I’ll still take the Twins, but I am not as comfortable as I was pre-Morneau concussed. One thing to note, the Sox don’t do well against their division/AL East, they dominate the West and interleague. So when the schedule gets a little tougher, it might spell the end of the Sox competing.

Moving to the North Side, we briefly discussed Carlos Zambrano’s fantasy value. Kevin wasn’t too impressed and it’s pretty understandable. I foresee a rosier picture. Zambrano is striking out 8.5 batters per nine this year – which could end up being the second highest of his interesting career. He isn’t walking anymore hitters than he usually does. He isn’t giving up anymore HRs than he usually does. He is giving up about three more hits per nine than typical. When you have these stats you look at BAbip to explain how a pitcher has gone from useful to horrible. His BAbip is .380, that’s horribly unlucky. His FIP is that of a pitcher with an ERA 1.5 points below where it currently sits. I’d be stashing Big Z.

I’ve talked about Chris Johnson in several places and we discussed more last night. It is worth listening just to hear Kevin’s take on Johnson. He’s got great prospect knowledge.

Speaking of Kevin’s prospect knowledge, he provided a pretty good rundown of Mitch Moreland, the Rangers’ first base prospect. I think his value is tied to at bats. If he gets them, he could be a very nice performer.

And there is so much more – it’s amazing how much baseball can fit in just one hour. We discussed Brett Wallace and his future, what Chris Snyder means for the Pirates and whether he can regain his 2008 form (I think so). Staying with the Pirates, we talked a little Joel Hanrahan, Evan Meek and the closing duties (I was higher on Hanrahan than anyone else).

We also found time for some American League East chat – focused on Matt Joyce and whether the Rays can finish in first place. I prognosticated doom for the Red Sox season, which is a shame because people will use this to argue against their 2010 strategy, but that’s just not fair. Ellsbury has played 4 games, Pedroia has been out. Boston would have been right in it with only moderate injuries.

We found some time to discuss the Rangers impending sale and the histrionics of Mark Cuban.

While the discussion about Captain Marvel wasn’t what I would like, we did talk about the Braves prospect, Freddy Freeman (a future Mark Grace?).

There was some Joey Votto talk and the even more impressive Carlos Gonzalez.

As always, hit me up on Twitter (http://twitter.com/h2h_Corner) with any questions.

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