h2h Corner ~ Katy Perry (Hot ‘N’ Cold Fantasy Baseball) All-Stars

Players get hot and cold over a seven-day period, it’s as sure as the samples are small.

That is why Katy created the Hot ‘N’ Cold All-stars.

Katy’s shirt says it all: Happy. It’s Labor Day weekend. I’m taking today off, so a short intro. Less fluff, if you know what I mean.

Cause you’re hot…you’re yes…you’re in…you’re up

Neil Walker – How have I not talked about Neil Walker this year? He is killing it for my NL-only team, especially over the last seven days (four HRs and a .448 AVG). Walker is simply a steady performer, someone deep league owners can rely upon to hit for a decent average and score some runs. If you’re in need of corner or middle infielders (he qualifies at second and third base) give him a look.

Daric Barton – It seems like forever and ever since I had the chance to talk about Barton as well. Barton has finally found his power stroke this year, hitting three HRs and batting .381 over the last seven days. In OBP leagues, this guy is a godsend, as he gets on base at a .401 clip. He is much less valuable in AVG leagues, but, still, will score some runs for you.

John McDonald – I swear the Blue Jays have some sort of magic power that turns light-hitting middle infielders into Jimmie Foxx. Over the last seven days, McDonald, who qualifies at every infield position except first, hit two HRs and scored seven runs. With Yunel Escobar slightly injured, McDonald is getting and using his playing time. However, once Escobar comes back, McDonald will find himself on the bench. At best, McDonald is a very short term stopgap.

Roger BernadinaFunky ‘cool’ Bernadina is at it again (seven runs, two HRs, and two SBs over the last seven days). I’m of the opinion, and I’ve shared it, that he should be owned in way more than four percent of leagues. He is already a 10 HR/13 SB performer in just 325 ABs. That is big time performance.

Michael Morse – Did you ever think it was funny that funny man Mike Myers had the same name as scary behemoth Michael Myers? Me too! Anyway, there hasn’t been much about Morse’s career that has scared opposing pitchers…until lately…over the last seven days, Morse is 13/24 with a HR. He has worked hard to secure a spot as the Nationals starting right fielder, so, those in NL-only leagues should look at Morse as a hot hand to add down the stretch.

Willie Harris – Harris might benefit the most from Nyjer Morgan turning into a pedestrian version of Ron Artest. If you haven’t seen Katy’s favorite Gaby Sanchez Hulk Hogan Nyjer Morgan, click here. Harris, who qualifies at second and in the outfield, has gone 5/13 over the last seven days and added a home run and stolen base. If he is given the playing time, he can produce. He might get that playing time with a slew of suspensions headed Nyjer Morgan’s way.

Eduardo Nunez – True story, my girlfriend has a kick-ass friend in her public policy graduate school who is named Eduardo Nunes. As far as I know, he is Brazilian and not the guy filling in for the Centaur’ed monster. Over the last seven days, Nunez, the ball player who qualifies at short and third, has hit .364 and stolen two bases. Nunez hit .274 with a .318 OBP in the minors, so he isn’t overly adept at getting on base. Still, once on base, he did swipe 113 bases in 152 tries over six seasons. If you need some speed help in a deep league, Nunez might be your man.

Chris Narveson – Narveson might be the most surprising pitcher to strike-out over 100 batters this year. Although it wouldn’t be that surprising if you looked at this last seven days of work: 13.1 IPs, 14 Ks, a 2.02 ERA and a 0.90 WHIP. While Narveson has pitched better than his 5.33 ERA would indicate (he has a 66.7% strand rate), I can’t endorse him as anything over than a stream option in somewhat deep leagues.

Barry Enright – It seems like eons ago that I talked up Barry Enright. He has become a stalwart in my NL-only league, picking up the slack for a semi-fading Lincecum. He’s been phenomenal of late, going 14 IPs and posting a 1.29/1.21 ERA/WHIP over the last seven days. Unfortunately, he only struck out six batters and has a measly 5.03 K/9 rate. What’s worse is that he’s been very lucky (88.4% strand rate and .256 BAbip). Instead of looking like a 2.45-ERA pitcher, he should look more like a 4.31-ERA pitcher. Still useful, but like Travis Wood, primed for a fall.

Justin Masterson – What to do with Justin Masterson? Just when you’re going to give up on him, he puts together an impressive week (13.2 IPs, 10 Ks, a 1.98 ERA and a 0.95 WHIP). What’s more, he’s been a tad unlucky this season (.336 BAbip, 66.2% strand rate), so his ERA is a bit inflated. In all fairness, he could be a 4.25-4.50-ERA pitcher. I love his K potential, but I’m still weary to run him out there as lefties eat him alive (.296 AVG, .389 OBP, .445 SLG). If you are thinking about using him, make sure you know what kind of line-up he is facing. If there are a few lefties, you better think twice.

Then you’re cold…then you’re no…then you’re out…then you’re down

Yovani Gallardo – Gallardo has become a scary proposition recently. In two starts last week he demolished your ERA and WHIP by posting an 11.12 ERA and 1.94 WHIP in 11.1 IPs. Unfortunately those ratios were only slightly worse than what he has put up over the last 27.2 IPs (9.11 ERA and 1.88 WHIP). His K-rate remains strong (29 over the last 27.1 IPs and 9.99 per nine IPs on the year) and his BAbip has become inflated (.344). In fact his BAbip over the last 28 days is .415, over the last 14 days, .463 and over the last seven days, .500. I think this is really just a blip – no need to panic.

Brennan Boesch – I pleaded with you to trade Boesch a long time ago. You, apparently, ignored me. Now, I’m pleading with you to drop him. He is 25 percent owned – that is way too high. Just look at what he did to you over the last seven days: 2/13. There are so many other players you should grab

Chase Headley – Remember when people thought Headley was the next Ricky Henderson – ok, not exactly, but people were believing in his SBs. Well he has 16 total stolen bases and has really hurt h2h teams when it mattered most. Over the last seven days, Headley went 5/25. He is someone I would be fine dropping for a hot hitter.

Alex Gonzalez – Further proof the Blue Jays are magic? Gonzalez has done nothing (or simply reverted back to form) since joining the Braves. Over the last seven days, he went 3/19 with two runs and one RBI. While he is getting on base more for the Braves, his slugging percentage was .497 for the Jays and rests at .427 for the Braves. The latter is far closer to his career number (.403). It is dumpsville time for Gonzalez.

All stats as of noon September 2, 2010.

FB101’s 411: Be sure you know how to judge a hot streak. Neil Walker, Daric Barton (OBP leagues), and Roger Bernadina make good adds. Keep your eye on Michael Morse, Willie Harris, Chris Narveson, Barry Enright and Justin Masterson. You are allowed to sort of give up on Alex Gonzalez, Chase Headley and Brennan Boesch.

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  3. […] Nunez – Nunez is no stranger to the All-stars, making an appearance here. If he keeps putting up seven-day stretches like his last (4/12 with a homer and two SBs), […]


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