h2h Corner ~ Check You Out On the Flip Side: Angel Bravo

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Was 1970 all that long ago? It was just 40 years, yet things sure have changed in Major League Baseball. Signed as an amateur free agent out of Venezuela by the Chicago White Sox in 1963, Bravo had to work as an electrician in the off-season to make enough money to support his playing days—days that ended up being fairly short.

Bravo, at 26, showed some promise over 27 games for the White Sox in 1969. He hit .289, the only HR of his career and stole the only bases (2) of his career. However, in the off-season, he was traded to the Reds for Gerry Arrigo who would pitch in just three games for the White Sox and post a 12.83 ERA. That was the last season in the majors for Arrigo.

The Reds didn’t give Bravo a ton of run in 1970, as he saw only 65 games. Still, he hit a respectable .277 and posted a pretty darn good .365 OBP. However, after a slow start to the 1971 campaign, Bravo would again be traded–this time for Al Ferrara. Ferrara, like Arrigo, would play in only one year for his new club. Ferrara posted a .182 AVG and .270 OBP for the Reds in his last major league season.

In total, Bravo was traded twice and both times the players were out of baseball within a year. Bravo himself was out of the majors after the 1971 season. He would play one more year in the minors, but was never heard from again. Hopefully the electrician thing worked out. At the very least, Bravo can say that his Baseball Reference page has been visited 13,922 times.

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