h2h Corner ~ Check You Out On the Flip Side: Mike Davis

mike davis back mike davisIt’s official, the Oakland Athletics had one bizarrely interesting team in 1987. Just wait until you see the Moose Haas and Carney Lansford posts.

Mike Davis was a third round pick in the 1977 draft. Three years later, at age 21, he would play 51 games in the big leagues. He would ultimately play a full season in 1983 and post a respectable .275/.322/.402 slash line. He’d perform poorly in ’84, but post a truly good season in 1985 – the kind of season any kid would take. He’d hit .287/.348/.484, smack 24 HRs and steal 24 bases. That’s a pretty good roto star right there – especially for 1985. He wouldn’t reach those heights again.

Still, he would be serviceable throughout the next two years. So, what lead him to aspire to have a real estate career? Davis, quite simply, had a job that millions and millions of people aspire to, but, realistically, have no chance. Yet his aspirations weren’t athletics, but selling houses or commercial land? Sure, there is money in real estate, but Davis made $3,660,000 in his career – no small lump, especially back in the ‘80s.

If you would ask his brother, Mark, I’m sure he’d say he aspired to be a full time ball player. Mark was a 12th round pick of the White Sox in 1986. He would make the majors in 1991 with the California Angels. He would play in three games, get two plate appearances and record outs both times. He would spend seven seasons in the minors, but those two ABs were the only ones he would get in the show.

Maybe Mike would open a real estate firm with Mark after their playing days. Mike could talk about playing in the postseason and dreaming of selling houses, while Mark could talk about those two at bats he got against major league pitching.

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