h2h Corner ~ I’m a Believer: May Edition

It struck me that this piece could be known as the twitter column…


Surprise, surprise, Lance Berkman is the top first baseman and my boy Zobrist is in the top 5. Expect Fielder/Pujols to replace them, with Teixeira and Howard filling out the top seven. Just a crazy deep position – I feel bad for those stuck with Justin Morneau and Kendrys Morales.

The Orioles have some buy low guys…Guerrero, Scott.

How is the human body so different from vessel to vessel: Holliday/Dunn, Bay/Morneau.

Matt Holliday – most underrated baseball player of the last few years? According to the players/Neyer, it is Shin-soo Choo. Hard to argue against that.

Is Rob the best Survivor contestant never to win? Is it Russell? Terry? I’m siding with Rob…he has shown the ability to adapt his game across several formats (and really it was just Tyson being stupid that made Russell the hero and Rob the goat on All-stars). Russell maintained his bulldog approach, but that clearly wasn’t working three times in a row. As for Terry, he never came back…

Survivor/Real World have consistently gotten worse as they have gotten popular. The need to make money and to do so by leveraging sponsors has made both series shells of their original intentions. At first, Real World participants lived in normal abodes and actually had to work. At first, Survivor contestants who could fish were at a premium because they weren’t getting free food for challenges or rice allotments every other day. I stopped watching Real World, but keep watching Survivor.

No-no’s are cool because they can be so different: Edwin Jackson and Francisco Liriano.

I’m biased against the NL but I try not to be. Still, the best stories of the year reside in the American League…Indians chief amongst them.

That said, theRockiesand Reds are two of the most exciting teams in baseball. I would happily watch them everyday.

Also, the SF Giants could be in for a bad, bad season this year – worth watching them and their most hated rival as who knows what will come next in the DodgerSaga.

Matt Kemp…almost Rihanna-level-awesomeness. And she’s really awesome.

Talking fast is really annoying – but hard to prevent when you are presenting or on radio. I recently found out I say the phrase “in the grand scheme of things” a tremendous amount – it’s hard to stop, but I’m working on it.

CBY, Beltre, OBP…oh my.

While we’re at it, Adam Jones…man, recognize a pitch.

The Dominos “rate our chicken” advertisement is absolutely stupid. So, you think I’m willing to pay $5.99 for the opportunity to rate your chicken? What if it sucks? I get to go online, enter my thoughts and I’m still out six bucks? That’s ridiculous. Also, it’s real bad messaging. The “chicken guy” is not real happy about the box – umm, you should relish the challenge because you make the best damn chicken ever. There’s no confidence in the product in the ad.

Alfonso Soriano swagger attack…I hope it continues.

Derrek lee devoid of swagger…unfortunately, I’m not surprised.

Athletes, like all people, have bizarre opinions about most everything that are shaped when their consciousnesses are born and every event thereafter. Why criticize someone for their opinion? Sure, it might (often) be ignorant and dumb, but at least we know what some athletes think. I’d rather have that then a closeted horrible person who consistently cheats on his spouse.

Two of the current top five fantasy second basemen won’t finish there. Polanco and Kendrick will be replaced by Ian Kinsler and Rickie Weeks.

I’m plowing through a short story collection by Haruki Murakami. He is one of my favorite authors and I absolutely love short stories (see: E.M. Forster). However, I don’t dig this group. There are a lot of pieces that are good that are devoid of endings (and endings are not Murakami’s strong suit). Still, the one nice thing is the consistent strands in the short stories that can be found in his novels – it’s nice to see that he developed thoughts/characters over stories/time.

Pointless meetings are pointless.

The shortstop position is disgusting.

Your top 5 catchers: Russell Martin, Alex Avila, Buster Posey, Mike Napoli, Miguel Montero. Just missing the cut? Matt Wieters. Only two of the catchers are in the top 100, only 3 in the top 200 hitters – just crazy. Never draft a catcher early.

Watch out for the Atlanta Braves – they are barely above .500, but have the makings of a team that can run away with the wild card. I liked the Marlins as a surprise team, but can’t see them keeping pace with the other NL East teams with the corpse of Javier Vazquez.

Minnesotahas scored eight less runs than the Padres – the Twins are in a lot of trouble.

Justified…Archer…ChicagoCode…Fringe…my favorite non-Reality TV Shows.

CBS online viewer sucks, seriously, just join Hulu or hire a real web programmer.

Baseball cards make the best history book.

Rob Neyer suggests implicit censorship at ESPN. Why isn’t that a bigger story? I love ESPN, but it has become hard to treat it as a news outlet (maybe never its intention as hinted by the first word of the acronym)…I think it has clearly become more entertainment-based. That is fine, but they can’t have it both ways and I don’t really see their reporters/writers as objective.

Ryan Roberts…NL-only

Ryan Raburn…12-teamer

Hudson, Cabrera, Orlando’s

Rain screws up everything: puppies playing, sandlots, outside time.

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet/make you want to move your dancing feet

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