h2h Corner ~ I’m a Believer: June Edition

You’re hitting the tough part of the fantasy baseball season. At this point you’re really doubting your struggling stars and the urge to drop is high. But it’s still somewhat early. Patience isn’t always a virtue, but, in this instance, it is.

Players who will bounce back: Dan Uggla, Evan Longoria, Carl Crawford, Alex Rios, Ubaldo Jimenez, Max Scherzer, Chris Carpenter, and Mat Latos.

Remember when I said Anibal Sanchez was a sleeper this year? 13th in Ks right now!

I love James Shields (always own him), but he’s not the second best fantasy pitcher…right? Can’t be….

One thing I am certain of? Kyle Lohse is not the third best pitcher in fantasy (maybe on his team, but not in baseball).

I’m amazed by the Marlins – Johnson injured, Hanley not so good/injured. I thought they’d be good, but had you told me about their injury woes and the craptastic way Vazquez has pitched, I’d be shocked they were in the play-off hunt. That said, I still think the Braves run away with the Wild Card.

You know who the best relief pitcher in all of fantasy is? A non-closer…Johnny Venters – he’s just filthy.

A reason starters are wayyyy more valuable than relievers? Two of the top seven RP qualifiers are: Alexi Ogando and Josh Collmenter. It’s an odd world. It’s also Drew Storen’s world and we’re just watching.

Meanwhile, the Miami Heat are good. I don’t watch basketball, but I hear things via sports radio.

Man Brian McCann is just a consistent force. He is joined in the top five at the position by Russell Martin, Alex Avila, Miguel Montero and Victor Martinez. The guy everyone hates? Mike Napoli comes in at number six. I don’t understand why I get so many questions about him. Sure, the batting average is bad, but he doesn’t get a ton of at bats, so it really doesn’t hurt you that much. You know what helps? 10 bombs in 111 at bats.

Quietly, Chris Snider is hitting .291. I thought he was a huge batting average risk, but could provide some power – a Napoli-lite. If he gets reasonable playing time, he’s a decent backstop addition.

I remember people complaining about Adrian Gonzalez for some reason…

Paul Konerko…his back healthy, power heavy.

Meanwhile, my boy, Gaby Sanchez is destroying the ball – it’s a fun time to be a Marlins fan.

First base is just stacked: 14 top 100 players qualify at 1b. Mark Trumbo is 117th and is a legit 25 HR guy.

I’m pretty happy I ranked Rickie Weeks high…Kelly Johnson? Not so much. However, I still have faith in the guy.

Four second basemen have 10 or more HRs. Danny Espinosa is one of them.

Jose Bautista.

If I gave you 5 guesses, could you name the #2 third baseman on the season? Alex Gordon. Wow.

What a horribly bizarre position third base is – decimated by injuries. One guy to watch is Wilson Betemit.

I, at least, thought the runs would be there for Jeter – he is fourth, but only has seven more runs than the 14th place guy, Troy Tulowitzki.

Alexei Ramirez – I like.

So is Matt Kemp this year’s Carlos Gonzalez? And Carlos Gonzalez this year’s last year’s Matt Kemp? Not really, CarGo be fine (14th ranked OF after a tough start).

Don’t look now, but Hunter Pence keeps doing his solid thing – ninth ranked OF.

Justin Upton, 30-30 threat…finally. He’s just 23.

Melky Cabrera is the 17th best OF for fantasy so far. Jeff Francoeur has done him two better. And you say the Rapture didn’t happen.

Player I am quietly incredibly excited about: Adam Jones. I’m not sure why, he’s the same as last year, but still just 25.

The Orioles are only 6 games out of first; they have a -40 run differential. The AL East is who we thought they were?

Of course,Cleveland and Philadelphia are the only two teams with .600+ winning percentages.

If you add the two worst run differentials in the league, the Cubs (-45) and Astros (-50), you get -95. Minnesota has a -93 run differential. It will be a long year, don’t hurry back, Mauer.

I think every division leader at this point will win the division this year. I’d say my biggest question was the Diamondbacks, but I think the Braves can give the Phillies a run.Texaswill be comfortably ahead a bit after the All-star game.

The Mets very well could be the second worst team in baseball now. Naww, it’s still the Astros, but it’s shockingly close.

June stars: Jay Bruce, Asdrubal Cabrera, Carlos Gonzalez, Erick Aybar, Kelly Johnson, Mike Stanton, Colby Lewis, Shaun Marcum, and Ian Kennedy.

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