h2h Corner ~ You’re Killing Me Smalls: Alex Rios

Average Draft Position: 65

Ownership Levels: 70%

5×5 Rank: 686

44/220 (.200)/30 runs/4 HRs/14 RBIs/4 SBs

Well, at least he’s been more valuable than Endy Chavez, Ronny Cedeno, and Brandon Ryan  Brendan Ryan– of course just barely.

Rios has killed people this year. His hefty price tag hasn’t been supported by any meaningful contribution. There’s been some injury, but it’s not like he had his appendix removed or anything.

What’s completely odd is that Rios seems to be doing better with the bat this year than last year’s .284/.334/.457 line with 21 HRs and 34 steals.

He has a smaller swinging strike percentage, better k-rate, better contact rate, better line drive rate, better ground ball rate, and well you get the point.

Of course, his HR/FB rate is in the toilet and it brought his average on balls in play with it. Rios is hitting .206 on balls in play this year. He hit .306 last year, .273 the year before that and .331 the year before that. For his career, Rios has a .310 average on balls in play.

Maybe, all of a sudden, Rios can’t hit a fastball (he normally destroys the pitch, but is performing miserably against it this year). However that hasn’t really shown up in his line drive rate. I’m buying Rios in a big way. He just has to improve. Ball don’t lie?

I’m thinking he’s good for 12 more HRs and 18 more steals.

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3 responses to this post.

  1. Nicely written article, Rios has been depressing to say the least lately. I’ll buy low wit you on this one forever, what goes down must come up! Great article, thx for the post!

    Side Note: you mean BRENDAN RYAN
    -The Bard-
    – @theSPORTSfeast http://www.theSPORTSfeast.com


  2. Thanks for the comment. I just cant understand what’s happened to Rios…maybe his batted ball rates arent 100% accurate, but i find that hard to believe. If it is an injury, you’d think he’d be exhibiting it in swinging/missing, less line drives, more Ks, etc. Just hasnt been the case

    Thanks for the ryan correction – sometimes i go too fast.


  3. […] Rios – It seems like a long time ago since I stupidly wrote a piece suggesting Rios would be useful for anything other than composting. Still, the universally dropped […]


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