h2h Corner ~ Katy Perry (Hot ‘N’ Cold Fantasy Baseball) All-Stars

Players get hot and cold over a seven-day period, it’s as sure as the samples are small.

That is why Katy created the Hot ‘N’ Cold All-stars.

Cause you’re hot…you’re yes…you’re in…you’re up

Mike Trout – For all the deserved love Desmond Jennings is getting, Trout seems to be somewhat ignored. Sure his .246 average in his first 65 MLB at bats is uninspiring, but the man has put together an amazing seven-day stretch: 6/11 with three homers. With anyone this young and gifted, there are going to be a ton of highs and a ton of lowspeaks and valleys, if you will. Still, he’s a phenomenal chip to have on your bench. When it’s going good, you start him, when it’s not, you bench.

David Murphy – I’ve probably written the following sentence a billion times: “[player x on the Rangers] is now injured, get David Murphy.” I’m a little late to the game as Nelson Cruz went on the DL yesterday, but it’s clearly time to own Murphy. Over the last seven days, he has gone 8/19 with two homers and a steal. While his average has been subpar this year (.251), he has seven steals and seven homers, so you know he’s lucky. He has a chance to hit 3-5 more homers and steal as many bases the rest of the way (that is if Leonys Martin doesn’t steal his playing time).

Paul Goldschmidt – I haven’t said a ton of nice things about Goldschmidt (whether it be on the blog or on the radio). However that hasn’t stopped him from becoming a Katy Perry regular. The 7% owned first baseman went 7/17 over the last seven days with a homer and two steals. He did steal nine bases at AA this year, but doesn’t really profile to have much speed. Still, he is capable of power binges and could be good for 5 more bombs, albeit with an average in the .250s.

Scott Sizemore – Sizemore looked darn impressive recently (probably because Kevin Kouzmanoff was finally out of his hair). Over the last seven days, Sizemore went 8/24 with a .407 OBP, two homers and a steal. That said, his average the rest of the way will likely make the handful of homers and small number of steals near worthless. If you don’t care about average, feel free to grab a middle/corner infielder who can help. In OBP leagues, he’s not a bad get.

Cliff Pennington – I am one of the 11% of people who own Cliff Pennington. Certainly, it’s been quite rewarding. Over the last seven days, Pennington has gone 10/27 with a home and two steals. That said, he’s not an elite, or even average, power source, the average isn’t too good and the steals will likely top out in the 3-5 range ROTW. Given the paltry provisions at the shortstop position, Pennington is undeniably a person of interest, but we all better hope he keeps getting on base.

Dayan Viciedo – All Viciedo has done since getting back to the majors is go 5/9 with a dinger and a steal. Viciedo will strike out a lot but was showing a much more mature approach at the plate at AAA this season (his walk rate was way up). If he can continue that, he can be a decent .270 or so hitter with a handful of homers the rest of the way. You might want to avoid him in OBP leagues though.

Salvador Perez – Perez v Joe Mauer, ROTW, who you got? Mauer is the safe bet, but Perez is the intriguing chip. He has gone 10/24 with a homer over his last seven days. The 21-year-old was hitting well at AAA (.333/.347/.500) albeit in just 49 plate appearances. He didn’t look quite as good at AA (.283/.329/.427) but he did have nine homers in 79 games. He might struggle at the plate – hitting in the .260 range, but I bet he out-homers Mauer the rest of the way.

Aaron Hill – The inferior pitching and desert heat might agree with Hill, who went 9/27 with a homer over the last seven days. I really think this is the mixture required to get Hill back to his previous success. He’ll still post a poor average because he wants to jack every pitch out of the ballpark, but the power numbers should be there. I’m in on Hill the rest of the way.

Randy Wells – Man, I talk bad about Wells and he goes out and dominates: 15.2 IPs, 13 Ks, a 0.57 ERA and 0.45 WHIP over the last seven days. Of course it was the Giants and the Braves, but still, that’s some damn good pitching. I can’t deny his match-up quality and usefulness. I’d avoid some of the strong National League line-ups (Brewers, Cardinals, etc.), but he is looking like a sneaky streaky pitcher for the stretch run.

Henry Sosa – When you think back to teams worth streaming against in 2011, you’ll see Sosa’s last two outings (against the Pirates and Giants) as exhibits A and B. He went 12 innings, struck out 10, and posted a 1.50 ERA and 0.83 WHIP against the no-hit clubs. Sosa has been passed around the Giants and Astros for some time now and is 26. However he has posted good ERAs, FIPs and K-rates this season in the minors. He can likely deposit a few Ks in the Roto standings for you, but he’ll walk a ton of guys. Think of him as a 4.60 ERA type with an ugly WHIP but about 6.75 Ks/9.

Then you’re cold…then you’re no…then you’re out…then you’re down

Trevor Cahill – Cahill’s season isn’t ending well. He threw 11.1 IPs over the last seven days and posted an unseemly 5.56 ERA and 1.59 WHIP. Since June 4, in 17 starts, Cahill has a 5.80 ERA and 70 Ks and 42 walks in 99.1 IPs. He isn’t necessarily droppable outside of 10-teamers. However, he’s at best a low leverage match-ups play. He doesn’t really bring the Ks when he sucks and he’s been doing way too much sucking.

Brett Cecil – I whisper sweet nothings about Cecil to the interweb and he repays me with 12.1 IP week that saw a 6.57 ERA and 1.62 WHIP. Cecil got shelled by the playing-for-nothing-but-pride Orioles and Royals. After allowing four runs just once in his previous six outings, he has allowed 4+ runs in each of his last starts. I like Cecil, but it’s not worth messing around right now – certainly not in his next start.

Martin Prado – Prado kind of sucks, eh? He is 2 for his last 14, 23 for his last 102 and 117/438 on the year with a dismal .314 OBP. Quite simply, the contact he is making is wretched: 14.5% line drive rate, 50.1% ground ball rate. He is hitting more balls on the ground and high in the air, with few of them clearing the fence. That spells BABIP disaster. His BABIP is down a good bit, which has manifested itself in a poor average which has taken his counting numbers with it. I’ve always liked Prado, but I’m not waiting around for him to square up on the ball better. I’m willing to cut bait and grab someone like Scott Sizemore even.

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