h2h Corner ~ Katy Perry (Hot ‘N’ Cold Fantasy Baseball) All-Stars

Players get hot and cold over a seven-day period, it’s as sure as the samples are small.

That is why Katy created the Hot ‘N’ Cold All-stars.

Cause you’re hot…you’re yes…you’re in…you’re up

Juan Rivera – Rivera has been the River of Dreams for my NL-only team with Gaby Sanchez batting like Gabrielle Reece. Over the last seven days, he is 9/25 with two homers and 10 RBIs. While he is batting an unimpressive .264 over his last 30 days, he has an impressive 25 RBIs. One’s place in the lineup usually isn’t important – however, with marginal guys like Rivera, batting clean-up can lead to a lot of RBIs he doesn’t really deserve. It’s a flawed stat, exploit it!

Jason Kipnis – In case you missed it, Kipnis came off the DL with a bang, pow! Over the last seven days, he is 9/26 with a homer and two steals. He is now 33/113 with seven homers and four steals in the majors. With Brett Lawrie going down, Kipnis is the premier young batsman to own down the stretch. Grab him!

Allen Craig – Craig’s season-long battle for playing time has finally been realized in the form of Matt Holliday’s untimely injury. Craig has taken the opportunity and beaten it: 8/29 with three homers over the last seven days. He is a must add in almost any format – certainly leagues that run 12 deep. He’s a great addition over most second basemen at this point.

Travis Hafner – A healthy Hafner is a good Hafner. Over the last seven days, he’s been a mashing heifer: 6/18 with two dingers. He has now hit safely in seven of the eight games he has appeared in since coming off the DL. If you were plugging holes with Mike Carp or Mark Trumbo, Hafner should be a better option.

Jerry Sands – The hype machine has nothing for the sands of time – the machine moves fast and discards talent quickly and mercilessly. Sands was surrounded by unrealistic hype when he first came up. After failing, he’s back and better than ever: 11/25 with two homers over the last seven days. Since being recalled he is 19/53 with two homers. The suddenly potent Dodgers line-up will continue to give him opportunities to score runs and knock them in. In keeper leagues, he’s someone to stash for 2012 as well.

Salvador Perez – Another impressive seven day stretch for Perez: 8/15 with a dinger. Since August 31, when I said I prefer Perez ROTW over Mauer, Perez is hitting .400/.438/.533 with 11 runs, one HR and seven RBIs. In that same time, Joe Mauer is hitting .265/.432/.471 with six runs, two HRs and three RBIs. Perez is not a .400 hitter, but I’d be shuttling him in and out of the line-up if possible or simply starting him over most other catchers.

Brandon Morrow – In his last outing, Morrow recorded eight Ks in eight innings without allowing a run. I’m using him down the stretch most everywhere, unless you are in a dog fight in ERA/WHIP. Otherwise, he’s incredibly useful for Ks.

Matt Moore – With 15 Ks in his first 9.1 IPs, it’s safe to put Moore on your team if you haven’t. He’s a stud. If he is floating out there in keeper leagues, you need to grab him now.

Dustin McGowan – In a great story, Dustin McGowan is back and nasty in the majors. He pitched 10 innings over the last seven days with 12 Ks. He now has 17 Ks in 17 IPs. It might be a bit rocky, but the Ks are there for streaming purposes – especially against the White Sox.

Zach Britton – The ERA (4.50) wasn’t kind over the last seven days for Britton, but everything else was nice: eight Ks, two wins and a 1.25 WHIP. He has 23 Ks in his last 35 IPs and has looked good down the stretch. He’s getting a lot of grounders and not walking as many hitters.

Edinson Volquez – If you need Ks and you’re in a deep league, Volquez has to be on your radar. He gets the Pirates next and has nine Ks over his last 11.2 IPs. The ratios could get messy, but he’s the easiest way to pad a K total in a deep league.

Chris Volstad – You have to have some balls to start Volstad against the Brewers in his next outing, but he has been good of late: 19 Ks, a 2.97 ERA and 1.35 WHIP in his last 30.1 IPs. I’m starting Volstad in an NL-only league and that sounds about right. I’m not overly worried about my ratios though. It could get ugly, but a handful of Ks are sure to be there.

Then you’re cold…then you’re no…then you’re out…then you’re down

If the suck, drop em!

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