Passing Judgement: A Review of @TheFantasyFix Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide

Passing Judgement: A Review of The Fantasy Fix Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide, via the wonderful site Passing Judgement:

I encourage you to read the entire article, but I’ll excerpt my favorite part:

One feature I particularly liked was the analysis of closers.  The draft guide also contained an informative depth chart of each team’s bullpen so you can clearly see who the set-up men are and who logically would get the chance to close games if the incumbent was injured or replaced.

Of course, I was proud to write that section for the Fantasy Fix. You can purchase the guide at

One more bit from the piece:

The price can’t be beat either.  At only $4.99 with an early bird special, this 37-page guide is cheaper than practically all fantasy baseball magazines and has more information than you could ever glean from a published magazine.

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