I had no clue Jose Rijo was signed by the Yankees as a…

I had no clue Jose Rijo was signed by the Yankees as a 15-years-old. The only year he pitched for them I was only two and my baby brother was being born and I was busy painting his room with baby powder. 

Then he was traded with Tim Birtsas, Jay Howell, Stan Havier and Eric Punk to the A’s for my favorite non-Orioles player Rickey Henderson and Bert Bradley. Oddly, I’ve heard of most of these players. 

Henderson was worth 35.3 bWAR for the Yankees from 85-89 before being traded back to the A’s for Plunk, Greg Cadaret, and Luis Polonia. Bradley never played for the Yankes.

Plunk was a solid pitcher for the A’s from 86-89, worth 1.5 bWAR before being traded back to the Yanks. Javier, from 86-90, was worth 5.8 bWAR before being traded to the Dodgers for Willie Randolph (who had been a star for the Yanks). Howell was kind of a nonentity for the A’s for awhile before being part of three team trade that included the likes of Alfredo Griffin, Bob Welch, Kevin Tapani and Jesse Orosco. Howell excelled for the Dodgers as a reliever for five years. Birtsas did little for the A’s but was later traded with Rijo to the Reds for Dave Parker.

While it’s crazy all the pieces involved in this deal. I’m most shocked at how young Rijo looks and how young he signed. Good golly.

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