Progress can be a confusing thing. You look back on a few years…

Progress can be a confusing thing. You look back on a few years and wonder how you got where you are and how things could have been the way they were. Or, at least, that’s how I view the 80s. Like, what the F were we all thinking?

I was young, then, so forgive me if I’m just generalizing, but I do remember my mother going to work with shoulder pads in her jacket. Trying to do her best Roberta Muldoon impression?

Then, I look at cards like John Lowenstein. Doesnt he look exactly like Disco Stu? Or the lawyer from Vice City? I suppose Lowenstein came first, so they are just Cylon enhancements?

Ridiculous (facial) hair aside, Lowenstein had a pretty cool career. He hit homers in the 1979 ALCS and 1983 World Series for the Orioles.

However, his career wouldnt be much without Earl Weaver. From 1970-1978, Lowenstein batted .238/.316/.360. He appeared in over 100 games just once. In 1979, he appeared in 97 games for the Orioles, batting .254/.351/.482. He had just 17 plate appearances against lefties, but hit righties well (.266/.363/.500). Lowenstien saw even fewer lefties the following season, but appeared in over 100 games. He batted .311/.403/.413 on the year. In fact, for the Orioles, Lowenstein had a .274/.365/.460 line. God bless Weaver and Gary Roenicke. 

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