I admit that I kind of like this card in a Twisted…

I admit that I kind of like this card in a Twisted Metal/PlayStation sort of way. It’s not overly clunky, and, if it were worth something, would actually fit in a normal baseball card holder. 

That said, the “writing” on the back of this card is kind of deplorable:

“Aint’ nothing like proving ‘em wrong. We see you playing “Da Wizard” role as the defensive half of St. Louis’ starting shortstop rotation in ‘98. Dissed as a “throw-in”…who’s laughing now? Your luxurious leather work has proved invaluable…Ordaz, yeah rhymes with Pizzazz. Ya heard?

I wish the person who wrote that was as speechless as I am at the moment. 

First, Ordaz was never good in the minors: .276/.312/.380 for his career, .283/.319/.394 at AAA. 

He was, indeed, a throw-in in a trade full of throw-ins: The Reds sent Mike Remlinger to the Royals, The Royals traded Miguel Meija to the Cardinals, the Reds sent Ordaz to the Cards and the Cards traded Andre King to the Reds. I hope that’s the most words ever used on this trade.

Ordaz was eventually traded in ‘99 to the Royals, and the vicious circle is complete. Ordaz finished his career with -2.8 bWAR. 

From lame Google research, it appears Ordaz is the hitting coach for the Auburn Doubledays, so there’s that. 

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