2013 Fantasy Baseball Head-to-Head Relief Pitchers Rankings & Preview

For a brief tutorial on how to use my head-to-head ranks, please visit here. For all of my in-depth rankings breakdowns, please visit http://fp911.com/author/albertlang/. For spreadsheets of rankings visit here.

In the explanation of the rankings, I outline my strategy toward closers. I typically believe in quantity over quality and really value relievers who can bring the strike-outs. In a heated week an extra 1-2 K’s from each closer really adds up. Not surprisingly, this leads me to rank several closers a bit higher than I would in roto (given their wonky ratios)—most notably, John Axford (#5 RP) and Carlos Marmol (#6 RP).



Read the full article at http://fp911.com/2013-fantasy-baseball-head-to-head-relief-pitchers-rankings-preview/


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