2013 Fantasy Baseball Head-to-Head First Basemen Rankings & Preview for @FP911

For a brief tutorial on how to use my head-to-head ranks, please visit here. For all of my in-depth rankings breakdowns, please visit http://fp911.com/author/albertlang/. For spreadsheets of rankings visit here.

As noted elsewhere in this series, my rankings value consistent players who have put up numbers for the past three seasons. As such, it should be no surprise that I am, once again, one of the highest on Paul Konerko (#27 Hitter, #5 1B). Since 2010, Konerko is tied for the eighth most HRs, has the 14th most RBIs and owns the 14th best batting average among all qualified hitters. Of course, he is living off a pretty impressive 2010 (39 HRs) and has seen his HR total decline from that high to 31 to 26 last season. Not surprisingly his HR/FB rate has been on a downward trend as well, while his ground balls have been increasing.

Read the full analysis at FP911:  http://fp911.com/2013-fantasy-baseball-head-to-head-first-basemen-rankings-preview/

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