2013 Fantasy Baseball Head-to-Head Shortstop Rankings & Preview for @FP911

2013 Fantasy Baseball Head-to-Head Shortstop Rankings & Preview for Fantasy Pros 911: http://fp911.com/2013-fantasy-baseball-head-to-head-shortstop-rankings-preview/.

For a brief tutorial on how to use my head-to-head ranks, please visit here. For all of my in-depth rankings breakdowns, please visit http://fp911.com/author/albertlang/. For spreadsheets of rankings visit here.

It seems shortstops are growing a pair this season, as you can make the case the position has about 16 attractive options, with a handful of additional decent options (Stephen Drew, Josh Rutledge, Zack Cozart, Jean Segura and others) available later in the drafts. That said, this depth is caused by a preference to play Hanley Ramirez, Ben Zobrist, Martin Prado and Danny Espinosa at short rather the other positions they have eligibility at.

So, while you might look at SS as deep compared to past years, be ready in case someone decides to use one of the multiple positional guys at a position other than short, which would greatly dilute the pool

Last year, Erick Aybar (#88 Hitter, #11 SS) was either amazing (second half) or crappy (first half). When you put your hands together, you have a pretty typical Aybar season, which is solid.

For the full article, visit http://fp911.com/2013-fantasy-baseball-head-to-head-shortstop-rankings-preview/

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