Survivor: Caramoan, Episode III

Shamar, man, that dude is not long for the game. Did he learn nothing in the military? Why is he so flappable? You were in Iraq, holy crap man. Reynold needs to keep needling him. Only chance he has.

Eddie comes off as a moron, so glad I went Eddie-Reynold-Shamar wow.

Could they just put Brandon and Shamar on an island and see what happens? What did they use to do? Exile island or something?

Reynold just needle Shamar, only chance you got. Man this tall older woman is smart. She’s like Cirie, real smart but no one pays attention to her. Her name is Sherri even! Heck! When do you think you start knowing people’s names in survivor. There are still 18 of them and I can’t keep the newbies straight, they’re all blond.

How do you think the military feels that Shamar was just compared to a snotty-nosed teenager and is about ready to quit?

He is just coming up with excuses for when he loses now, disheartening? Bitch, please.

Phillip just described his basketball game with “double dribble” and “nothing but air” — not exactly basketball savant attributes.

Man, we slept on Malcolm. Damn. I think I’m rooting for Malcolm, and I don’t even own him, at least Corinne is playing him.

These discover credit card commercials are horrible. Here’s one: CBS sure knows how to pack commercials into online content.

A Pavarti sighting– how is her real last name actually shallow?

I love Cochran. Change my mind, want him to win.

Most people don’t like Corinne–she is a bitch and like crazy. At least that’s my memory. You have Corinne, LOLOLOLOL!!!! I was not drafting her.

That said, Andrea playing way too hard right now, hey-Zeus.  Andrea really thought telling Brandon was a good idea? He’s not stable.

Still Brandon makes a lot of threats. I don’t recall him actually peeing in rice, right? He hasn’t burned people’s shoes like Russell. God I love Russell. I miss him.

I bet Shamar quits (written before Shamar talks about quitting). He’s a drama queen. Pure and simple. The looks on his tribes-mates face when he tells them about his issues seems like what the surreal life cast looked like when they read the mystery celebs rap sheet—-it was Jose Canseco. Then Janice Dickinson got all up in his business.

I don’t want to make fun of Shamar anymore. War is hard, I imagine. Shamar’ll do the right thing and fall on his sword at some point. Good dude.

Reynold calling him out on it but no one could possibly know what Shamar is dealing with. Stress can do all sorts of things.

Erik gonna dominate this challenge.

These combo immunity-rewards really skew the fantasy points given how uneven our teams are. Go newbies!

Why didn’t Cochrane learn to swim? What the hell? I kind of thought he’d do some training, he had to know in the back of his mind he might be back on at some point.

How did the fans take lead? Weird. Seems like someone could drown doing this.

Damn it fans—carry that stupid thing out the water.

Reynold can throw things. Maybe he played in the NBA with Philip? Why did they switch tossers so often? You’d think one person would be better. Damn it Eddie. You suck.

I still think Eddie goes home. But who knows?

You are beating me badly. Yikes. Knew I should’ve gone Erik first.

Wait, I change mind. Eddie’s boo goes home, whoever it is. Laura? Nope Laura is the weak one. Hope, that’s her name.

Hope should have been able to figure out the plan on her own. Clearly they’ll split the vote and she’d have to vote for Eddie and she would be fine. I have Hope, Eddie, Shamar and Reynold, so I’m screwed regardless.  For his sake, I kind of hope Shamar goes. But, still, Hope was an idiot, why not save yourself? Then it’s just you and Reynold on one side with an idol….

Sherri needs a lower profile, she smart.

How is Reynold allowed to just keep the idol? Very odd.

It’s Shamar, right? This gonna be epic. Or Shamar will just feel relieved.

It probably should have been Hope, but it is what it is.

You are going to kill me in this. Yikes

Wow a 3 way tie!!!!!! Blows my mind. Surprised the Shamar stuff didn’t work. Sherri got control of folks? Hope is the smart one to get rid of. Shamar isn’t weak and is a perpetual scapegoat. They’re good to have around–malcontents have a purpose.

Good season so far. I have the points from one more eliminated player and am still losing.

Sherri and Eddie fight, not good for me.

Bryan: 49 (9 Players); Me: 39 (8 Players)

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