Survivor Caramoan Episode 4 Recap

I wonder why Laura lied to Reynold. Get him not to use the idol? Maybe creative editing to add drama?

Eddie doesn’t quite understand alliances, right? Or most other things?

Reynold and Eddie are the poorest losers ever. Don’t they realize that they have a buffer in numbers now so fans can cut Shamar/Laura and still have power over Eddie/Reynold while doing the best in challenges….or even mend fences? The others just needed to get rid of those two women to kill the four cool person alliance.

Blows my mind that The Dude does voice over for Hyundai commercials.

MORE PHILLIP. MORE. Why does he not have talk show? Terry freaking Bradshaw had a talk show.

Brandon must be playing Phillip in that Brandon is happy to be part of stealth r us. Yes he is infiltrating it. Look at Brandon go. It’s awesome. Andrea now getting jealous that everyone has a name? It is meaningless. I wonder how much time he puts into these names. They aren’t that bad, really. In all honesty, they’re kind of funny.

I need the fans to pick it up. This could be over soon for me.

I like it when they split reward and immunity. More challenges!!!!!

Love that my boy Cochran is sitting out. Dude hit a gym? Are you not actually smart?

Andrea good at this…a regular Danielle (who beat Terry). Laura fucking sucks. (My opinion)

Damn it favorites. Fans suck. These aren’t even good favorites. Although apparently I undersold Malcolm. God they need to get rid of Laura, my fourth pick, seriously?!?!?! WTF!!!!!!!!! I took her for her brains, which she has, but man, a modicum of braun would go a long way.

“He is like a Filipino Gollum”….can’t fault that comparison. This dude makes Tim the tool man Taylor look like a baby.

Cochran bringing up the spank bank. Good on him.

Shamar demanding food and doing nothing…wow. Laura needs to throw Shamar under the bus or she’s next. The amount of calories a 300 lbs. person needs is way more than an 85 lbs. girl. That’s fact. Shamar is done though. But I predict a fans victory. So maybe he stays and Brenda goes?

Could the whole tribe just quit or demand better lodging? I mean rats? I might draw the line at that…Shamar looks like private pile. That’s scary.

Is Shamar’s eye even bad? They haven’t shown it. Remember that time Boston Rob almost quit? Oh yeah, that eye is jacked. Man, he’s leaving? My team is over. Shamar sad? I call crocodile tears on this. No one is sorry.

This is lame. Shamar was my second pick. “Survivor is a tough game?” Survivor harder than Iraq?

Still say fans win. Classic trap challenge and Cochran has to play…and Laura won’t have to swim!!!!

Andrea is kind of athletic. She is much prettier than Brenda…I fight you to death about that point. Erik is a monster. The white Ozzie. Brandon is a little tank…Brandon the tank. Brenda took a spill there that was hilarious. But destroyed the thing. Why isn’t Reynold doing the athletic shit? Seems silly….just so Reynold can throw things at big nonmoving items. Laura sucks. Maybe their strategy wasn’t so bad. Jeez Reynold must have been a QB…fans suck.

They have to keep Reynold and Eddie…there is logic somewhere, right? Matt (beard guy) throwing out Laura—-makes sense. Tell Reynold that he’s going so you get rid of the idol…at the least…Matt fucking told him? Get the idol out of the game, Jesus.

Reynold in a tough position. I’d play the idol, guarantee I’m in the game. Laura is smart enough to figure this out. Right? They are all my people anyway so it doesn’t matter. I guess I need Reynold/Eddie to stay….I think the girls are going to form an alliance at some point and dominate.

I think when you’re down numbers as much as they are you need trustworthy people at the merge so you can pull the people on the outskirts of the winning tribe. So I’d go with loyalty in this instance. Probably always go with loyalty though. So not terribly insightful but I made you read it anyway.

If Eddie/Reynold are smart they just say nothing. Can’t alert the women. I guess the women know. My money is on Eddie going.

Laura is smart. She’s selling herself well. Reynold isn’t smart enough I don’t think to get Laura out.

It’s Eddie, right? The #1 overall pick.

Not enough Phillip this episode. Phillip and dragon slayer–Exile Island. Make it so.

I miss fake immunity idols. Those were awesome. Yau?

Laura is done. I’m surprised. At least they got rid of the idol that my best player had………so fuck.

I am beating you 71-66.5, you have 9 players left, I have 6…over.

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