Mister Fantastic: Addison Reed’s Exceptional Elastic Arm for @TheFantasyFix

In the 2013 Relief Pitcher Guide, I wrote this about Addison Reed:

Aside from a low strand rate (68.5%), high BABIP (.323) and somewhat low K/9 rate (8.84), Reed lived up to his sleeper status. While the K/9 rate was lower than projections, his 22.7 K% was above average – and he did well in getting ahead of hitters with a 66% first strike rate. He showed even more command in a 7.6 BB%. Basically, his 2012 ERA is going to make Reed a huge discount on draft day. There is a legit chance Reed is the most valuable reliever in the AL this season, as he is capable of a 2.70 ERA, 1.18 WHIP and 70+ K’s.

Read the full article at The Fantasy Fixhttp://www.thefantasyfix.com/2013/03/mister-fantastic-addison-reeds-exceptional-elastic-arm/

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