Survivor Caramoan Episode 6 recap

Kelsey is the author of my fate.

I think the game got less interesting without Brandon…obvious alert.

Phillip has the best wardrobe and manboobs….

Every time I see Shamar I shake my head. So good on paper. Well, championships aren’t won on paper!

Home Depot is a crazy place. Went there this weekend. I wanted to buy many brackets.

Commercials are the worst. Buy me a TiVo and pay monthly subscription?

Their camp was pretty awesome. It still is way better than the fans. Not even close, even without rice or whatever.

Switching tribes? God darn it. So hard to keep track.

Purple is so screwed. Every single athletic player is on orange. All the purple people are trying to spin this positively. They are screwed big time. Gonna loose loose loose. I only didn’t catch where Sherri/Julia/Andrea were, not bad…

Happy Easter, by the by.

Everyone is throwing Sherri under the bus. Erik is running Reynold, he has gotten smarter, me thinks.

Fans, man, not so good at that loose lips sink ships things…

Who is Julia!?!?!?!

Got the Corinne gay comment, wow. She’s not the smartest. Why does Philip want everyone on his side?

How do you sit so close to Philip when he’s in his tighty whities?

Julia is a race car driver? Who is this person? Where has she been?

Malcolm is just LOLing at these newbies. I like Malcolm. He’s funny.

The newbies on purple are screwed.

They should be giving Philip idols, if he leaves this show, we got some lame-o’s left.

Remember when that idiot JT won survivor then wrote a letter to Russell in a favorites season and gave him an idol? That happened right? Was just thinking about ways a goober can win the game…

A strategic challenge could help purple, but still just a sliver of hope. FYI, my dog is super lazy.

Oh, challenge not super strategic. Prediction: purple million miles behind but close gap on stair building.

Why did the old guy and the woman go furthest crate? Andrea be rocking it. I like her. When Phillip is arguably your fittest male and you need to rely on Cochran… get lapped.

The specialist is not happy. “Wasn’t I sixth?” Julia calling the shots that gonna put her out of the game. “This should be at the bottom” -Cochran, defeatedly.

I’m almost beating you by 20 (a U Mich. special). Of course so few players left on my team. Philip making a move against Corinne? I doubt it. Too early. Way too early. Boot Matt and be done with it.

Philip with a pep talk, thought he was going to complain. Today was their day, every day would be their day. Corinne is kind of jealous of Philip. I can understand that, but still.

Got to go after Matt here, right? Favs should be playing as if the merge is tomorrow.

“I’m up and running stealth-r-us.” Without a beat, Matt says “yep” and doesn’t smile, was just serious. That’s impressive. I like Matt. Damn it. He’s doing what Brandon couldn’t…

Can we make Stealth-R-Us t-shirts? We should make a t-shirt for every year with winner’s name on it? Just spit balling…

Cochran calling the M&M boys a power couple is awesome. I’d get Matt out, who cares about winning challenges?

Why do they need to turn M&M? Wow Corinne called Michael “her gay?” WTF? Matts a good dude, that’s why he should be voted off though…double edged swords are tough.

Should be a benign (neglect) tribal. Hope Matt goes because that makes sense. No big if Julia goes though. How do you make bonds in like 2 days?

How does Jeff know Corinne always wanted to play with “a gay?” Also why did she openly say she wanted to replace people in her own alliance? That’s stupid.

Corinne talks a lot.

I think its Matt—just got a bad deal with his team. Too bad, he was enjoyable. Matt, not surprised. Smart move.

You are winning by two and have 2 less players, smh.

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