Survivor Caramoan Episode 7 Recap

Bikal fell apart the moment they made these bull corn teams. Do you think they drew them and seriously considering doing another draw? You couldn’t have made them more lopsided if you wanted.

I like Michael. He seems pretty smart. Tough deck he was dealt. If only he was on Corinne’s team from the jump. I’m not funny.

Philip isn’t an idiot.  I mean what Corinne said at tribal and these conversations….Philip isn’t wrong here. I want Cochran’s take here. Where’s his interview? Not enough Cochran and Andrea this season, IMO.

I like Cochran’s pessimistic realism.

I also only do power lifting. And core lifting. And leg lifting.

Cochran v Philip arm wrestling. Philip is loveably ridiculous. Do you watch the Americans on FX? You should. He reminds me of one of the characters from there, don’t remember which one though and I’m possibly dead wrong on this…watch the show regardless.

This sand bag challenge is ridiculous. Orange will destroy. I bet Philip tries to carry like 100 lbs. and they lose in 2 minutes. Orange gets to sit someone out. This is a massacre. Or will be. Why will purple even try? This is a farce. Purple’s only chance is to go out super fast. Orange is just laughing at them. Philip is doing this badly. This is so confusing. Orange should just run and get this over with. Purple has just walked and one has quit? This is horrendous.

Maybe purple just threw it? Can’t be another reason for that…that was bizarre. Call spade a spade, Phil botched that badly. Still coffee reward = diarrhea fest is awesome use of anglais language.

I still don’t think Pavarti is all that attractive, but there’s something about her. She scares me. Whatever. She’s no Andrea.

Fans haven’t won a reward yet…I know this because my team has NO REWARDS. Golly.

I’m beginning to hate Reynold. Are these people drunk on caffeine? It’s weird. Erik fell asleep with a cookie in his hand?

Corinne wants to blame the loss on Phillip? There was nothing they could do to have won….blame the loss on chance and evolution.

Corinne is nuts. She was on my do not draft list. I love Philip. No one vote him out…poor Cochran is screwed.

I don’t feel bad for not recognizing Julia. Does she do anything? Not a totally bad strategy to just lay behind, but she’s spent the first half of the game sleeping.

I love the flavor of vanilla. Double agents are cool. I don’t care.

Reynold trying to do a new 7…or an alpha male alliance? Intriguing. Don’t think we’ve seen that before. Malcolm is smart. I like this. Reynold had to tell him about the idol I think. Only way Reynold will know to use it. Malcolm doesn’t have to tell anyone because he’s in the cat bird seat.

What if everyone just overthrew Philip? Come on. No one actually sees Philip as in charge. He’s an easy figurehead. Julia, my god. What a moron and a waste. Just hooked Michael up.

This immunity challenge looks tough. Orange will dominate. A Wichita state, obvi. /notshocking.

Erik will destroy.

I wonder if orange would be worse if they had to use Sherri/Brenda but had an extra person. I’m leaning yes.

Erik so good at the swimming/holding of the breath. Although purple not terribly far behind. I bet purple gets smoked on way back. Reynold gets to throw something on something? No fair. The MJ of throwing random things at things in Survivor.

This was a lot closer than I thought. Certainly closer than last two…

Money is on Julia going, no doubt.

Tommy lee jones is soooooooo old.

Phillip threw it? I bet. I wrote this before he claimed he threw it, hand to god.

My reasoning = he wants Julia gone and is crazy. Also, didn’t he (or maybe it was someone else, yeah it was probably someone else) said earlier in season that they understood value in throwing challenge. Remember when Ozzie (or someone else) did it to get rid of the fat dude that one season?

Cochran’s response to Philip is hilarious. I’m changing it up, I need Cochran and Philip on a talk show. Dragon slayer is band leader. Cochran as a straight man is hilarious.

The grappling hook, a spy’s main tool—–LOLz.

I hope Phillip stays. Corinne is annoying. Keep Philip! Corinne just overplayed her hand and is going to lose her “gay.”

“You’re being so mean.” “No I’m not.” “Yes you are.” My word.

“If this were the real world, I’d kick his ass” – Corinne. In what real world do you settle this problem this way? Children.

They should just vote out Michael because he’s an actual threat. Philip got there the wrong way but that’s why Michael should go….damn it, I have Michael, man.

Julia said something at tribal?

When does Philip admit that he threw it? I bet he claims it as a major strategic ploy when he’s sitting in the finals.

Can any of them just admit that they have zero percent chance of beating orange? I couldn’t create a challenge other than a multiple choice history test that would tilt to purple.

“I think it’s neat that he’s gay?” What world does she live in?

Who do the fans even vote for? The other fan? Or a favorite? I guess it doesn’t matter.

So they voted for the other? Guess they had to to ensure a tie. I wasn’t thinking there.

After all that, favorites did the right thing in splitting votes…but, wow its Julia? Wow. Surprised. She’s lame.

You are winning 137.5 to 109 I have 5 players, you have 7. God.


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