Survivor Caramoan Episode 8 Recp

19 days seems like a real long time to play survivor. I can understand, sort of, how some people crack. You ever see that Solitary show? It’s not great, but free on Hulu, they do some ridiculous things to people.

“I made sure I got the gay.” WTF. Make it stop.

Philip telling them that he threw the challenge? Man, it’s hilarious that everyone knows he didn’t actually throw it. “That’s around the same time you blew the challenge.” Got to give Corinne that one, t’was funny.

Francesca, in the opening credits, LOL.

20 days without cheese would be hard.

How is Corinne calling the other fans not savvy? Has she ever talked to them? She is probably right about Eddie/Reynold, but Sherri isn’t stupid.

Dawn is such a baby.

I forget that Brenda is in this game. Erik knows what kind of boat it is? He’s a woodsman.

Cochran loves the merge, he likes challenges and watching people.

It’s funny when people mess with people on naming the stupid tribes.

Andrea needs to keep her head in the game, don’t count on something. Watch your back, watch Malcolm!!!

There’s already a new 6 alliance. They do just have to beat one vote and get Sherri. I be upset if Philip goes.

God I hate Corinne.

I hate the eating challenges. Although it does let anyone control their own destiny, which is bizarrely fair.

Cochran hoping eating cow testes will give him the James Dean swagger….

Individual immunity, I need to pick some up in bushels.

I feel like I could do better at eating if I didn’t know what they were, but I’d suck at this so bad…

Andrea taking it down. I bet Dawn sucks at this. I bet Michael does well.


Called Michael at least.

Man they’re doing 3 rounds? Second round is so gross.

Go Cochran go. That was soooo fast, wow. Also gross.

Oh wait another round? God. This is so foul, get it!?! Its duck embryos.


I’m revolted. So this is what Cochran trained for. I shouldn’t have questioned him.

COCHRAN! Bringing it home for daddy!!!!!

Greatest episode ever. I want Sherri to stay— don’t think it’ll happen unless they realize Corinne is conniving. Still, looks like I’m losing someone…

I like Malcolm, but he is borderline too cocky.

Splitting Eddie and Reynold makes the most sense. He’s not going to listen to you Corinne because you aren’t making any sense.

Corinne is over playing her hand, but they also don’t give a fuck. Cochran needs to think more on this. Come on Cochran. Put it together. Andrea also. Stop being comfortable, think on it.

God, if Malcolm and Corinne and the goober fans take control of this game, blech. That would blow. “I want to throat punch him” -Corinne, seriously? What?

Corinne already saying time for Philip to go? Wow. Dawn has a choice here. Learn your lesson! Get the snake out. Tell Philip = epic. Or at least Cochran. Cochran will figure it out.

Now Cochran going to Andrea, need to put heads together…

Philip stoked to get Corinne, you can’t get the specialist!

Classic horrible move by favs tossing everything apart at the first chance. They all think they’re all alphas. Erik has been incompetent, Cochran speaking the truth.

Erik became valuable by doing nothing, god darn it. Also you have Corinne, fingers crossed.

Who does Corinne think she is? Come to me? Man she think she the shit. Cochran being all sly. Big night for him…

Corinne makes so many references to people getting punched in the face, and she’s quoting Mike Tyson. Philip is certifiable but so is Corinne.

Eddie has a stupid sly smile on his face. He is soooooo stupid.

Please Corinne.


Can’t believe it’s up to Mr. I gave immunity away and got voted out Erik.

I’m hungry, no longer revolted from challenge

Can’t wait for look on Corinne’s face. Dad pan. Fear. Awesome. Even if it doesn’t happen, her freaking out is the awesome. She’s basically crying. PLEASE!

YES!!!!!!! I leapt out of my seat and freaked my animals awesome.

SHERRI rises from ashes. Greatest episode ever. Wow.

Brenda just got back into the game. Awesomtacular. And Reynold is left reeling again. Of course that group has two idols…..



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