Survivor Caramoan Episode 9 Recap

Malcolm can’t be that upset that Corinne went. She’s the only one who knows he has an idol, now they have two idols and are in decent shape.

Malcolm v Shepherd is pretty good TV.

Philip working on Sherri? Nice. Gives her tenacity…that’s hilarious! “I have to play the specialist game,” it’s hilarious. She’s just teasing Phil, poor guy. I like Sherri, not sure why but I enjoy the way she’s playing – no nonsense.

These seem like unfair teams….Sherri didn’t get picked…f that. Eddie, that was horrible!

Maybe orange has a chance?

I love Andrea.

Reynold missed? Wowsers. COCHRAN scores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God I love him. This reward sounds lame. Didn’t purple get more throws? That seemed cheap…

First time Michael has won a reward, he and Sherri have 1 reward wins….Erik has 7.

“I rarely leave twitter. ” -Cochran, awesome. Beginning to hate Reynold.

You think they’ll recruit Cochran to the alpha male alliance now?

Take the muscle to the end? Cochran loses then…Reynold trying to teach Cochran? This is stupid.

“I don’t want to engage in any masculine tomfoolery with any of these numskulls”- awesome, Cochran is on fire.

Dawn is a super sleuth. It is time to take out Malcolm, he’s playing too hard. What’s wrong with him? He was cruising—-ahh hubris.

At some point there are going to be more fans than favs right?

Malcolm leaving without using an idol will be classic.

Andrea playing Eddie? I hope so, be smart. Don’t tell him about Malcolm….

Malcolm better luckily win this immunity challenge.

I would dominate this challenge. Mental shiz is easy. Or maybe not. This looks horrible…I guess at a certain point they drown, right?

Philip has a really good strategy. And he loses first? Wtf?

Wow. I’m impressed. This is harder than I thought. How are they doing this? Go Cochran!

I thought a woman would win. Aren’t their faces thinner? So they could stick their faces through further.

Go Andrea! NO, YES, NO! Brenda gets you more points you don’t need.

Malcolm is a good liar, always nice to be the one who knows who is lying, so point to Andrea. Poor Malcolm, gonna be upset.

This, if it happens, will be awesome. Wonder if Eddie will be upset he has to vote for Andrea? It almost seems so simple…

I do like to see these stupid dudes working themselves out of the game….

This convo between Andrea and Eddie is like teenagers, this is hilarious. I think Eddie is dumb. Why is Andrea freaking out? Andrea is being ridiculous. Soon, they’ll have a ton of idols and be fine. Really disappointed in Andrea…

Now Malcolm could play an idol…split the vote like you were going to, dummies. Seriously doubting Andrea now. Wonder if there was some creative editing on this? Or is it just paranoia?

Cochran rolling his eyes at Phil, hilarity. I wrote hilarious too much in this email.

Sherri is cold, it’s awesome.

Phil making the case Malcolm should use his idol. This could be epic with two idols played?!?!

Wow Malcolm switched his vote? I’m so confused.

If Andrea really went that batshit, she kind of deserves it, but she was so rock solid up to this point, hard to see her go like that.

Wow Malcolm asking for Reynold’s idol! This is nuts. Amazing move. Shocker!!!!!!!

Andrea is gone. Wow. No, they did Michael? Way to go Andrea! Brilliant. Holy smokes, this was amazing. Malcolm almost made it happen, wow.  I take back everything I said about Andrea. She has to be in the pole position for sole Survivor…

That was fantastic.

You are winning by 22, you have 6 players, and I have 4. My lord.

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