Survivor Caramoan Episode 10 Recap

Last episode was awesome. I hear this one is pretty epic as well.

Got to give props to Andrea for last week. I thought she were off her rocker, but she was right.

Malcolm still has one idol up his sleeve, all he has to do is win some immunity challenges and he could be creative.

Dawn is, umm, special…she doesn’t have front teeth? Dawn got hit? That sounds traumatic. Go Brenda! She got Dawn’s vote if she makes it to the finals. CBS seemed to shoot this in a friendly way to dawn, good on them.

I love obstacle courses. “Bag of balls,” LOL.

Interesting reward challenge. Malcolm really likes cocktails.

Seems like more even teams. Don’t like that Andrea and Eddie are on same team.

Some good strategies here. Smart players. Purple is dirty at this. Can’t stop Erik and Reynold. Why do they go face first into the mud?

Sherri is laming it up, damn it. Although why vote her out I suppose. I thought she was stronger. Maybe she faking it? Dawn looked fitter, faster, stronger.

Reynold throwing? Done. Purple got this. $5 says Dawn switches places with Brenda…welp that was wrong.

Not even close. Erik dominated. I wonder if he has much of a chance to win…I don’t see it…

Cochran = challenge monster.

Soap? Really? Who cares.

Philip is about to do something stupid…three seconds later: Naked, dirty water. Man, he’s an interesting player. Almost a bit like Russell…everyone hates him and wants to get rid of him, but no one ever can. It’s weird. But cool.

So many baby-related commercials. They are terrifying.

Who was Phillip spooning? Couldn’t tell. Money on Sherri?

Dawn is freaking out. Andrea is totally in with S-R-Us. She proved it last week, right? Also, yeah, why would they want to get rid of Dawn who poses no threat?

Oh, by the way, you have DAWN. LOL.

Cochran to the rescue? I wonder why some people like Cochran seem unflappable but others break down. It’s not like Cochran didn’t have the sunburn inflated foot thing earlier…that totally would have me pissed/complaining, but he was affable.

Dawn officially looks like a bag lady, but has a new outlook – bag lady attire = strength?

Sherri went from being a player to just hiding behind the scenes, which I guess is smart, but boring. Remember Shamar?

The 7 really need to win immunity. With a necklace, Eddie/Reynold/Malcolm can control this, but still to what end? They just stay in one more week?

This first heat for Reynold was a joke. Andrea is tough but has no chance. This challenge is made for Erik. Anyone quitting a challenge usually gets voted out.

Still, Phillip wasn’t winning. Malcolm beating Erik? Wow.

Erik did horribly. Eddie is a moron. Wow.

Reynold dominates = prediction. The seven really needed Erik on this.

Reynold could go on a run ala Terry. Malcolm had nothing left. The 7 gonna lose someone, just make it Dawn, she brings nothing. Or Sherri.

Who cares whether Phillip tried or not? He didn’t have a chance, what’s the difference between trying and just not finishing (Malcolm, Brenda, etc.) and not even trying really…

I’d be looking for idol all the time. Just to know where it was. Malcolm found it. New alliance of five right now? But yeah Eddie is screwed, right? I just don’t see the need for Malcolm to help Eddie. Malcolm gets through two weeks at minimum the way it is now, only one with numbers and it’d be 6-3 still, so splitting vote works.

If Malcolm wanted to wreck shit he could do it, but I just don’t see how it helps.

Wow Malcolm brought out the other idol. Kind of a baller move but a waste I think. This is kind of awesome. Just vote out Phil, much as it pains me.

Wow poor Phil. He got a little bamboozled here. I feel bad for him.

Erik makes a smart play, bringing up the concern that the 3 dudes might not play their idols. Phillip does the standup thing and says stick with the plan. They should stick with the plan.

This was awesome.

Money is on Phil going. Hope they lose their idols though. Man, Malcolm really turned the heat up. Erik voted for Phil? I woulda stuck with the plan. That’s a rough move, but, well, Phillip was kind of annoying and Erik doesn’t like that sort of a personality.

I wouldn’t play it. I’d roll the dice. I woulda been stupid then. But it’s about winning, not just getting another week.

Phil, a shame. But a heck of a move.

They should have gotten a threat like Andrea out though. Do you honestly see people voting for the specialist at the end?

You are up 208-151. We both have four people left.

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