Survivor Caramoan Episode 11 Recap

Been a long time. Last episode I watched was amazing…but so long ago.

I still can’t believe Erik did that…what a jerk, why pour salt in the wound?

Not that it mattered, but still.

Remember when people would do crazy votes just to mess with people? That was superb.

Erik is being strategic? Whaa????

Cochran is in awe of the tribal. That’s fantastic. You can see how happy he is just to have taken part in it.

Brenda appears a lot more trustworthy than I thought she’d be.

I can’t believe they are this rocked. You still have 6! There’s no way they are getting 2 idols + immunity again. Stay solid and you’ll get to the final six no problem. I guess Phillip would be the one to say that—someone just has to step up and remind the six that they have twice the numbers, it’s second grade math.

In reality, Erik should stick with the 6—he can beat any of them in immunity challenges—not so much the “three amigos.”

I’ve never been a huge fan of the Survivor auction. It’s just a guessing game really…no skill involved.

He went crazy for a beer? Won’t that just dehydrate the shiz out of you? Chug away, sir.

Why are people cheering Sherri? That was stupid.

Smart move by Malcolm with the 480. Surprised others let him do that.

Brenda is screwed me thinks. Wrote it before she got pig brains.

God I love Cochran. He’s so funny. Licking peanut butter off Sherri’s fingers…gold.

Brenda doesn’t eat pork, but eats cheeseburgers?

They (3 amigos) aren’t unbeatable…for christ sake. They better not go after Cochran. I’ll kill them.

I think the worst way to see Europe is by Royal Caribbean…no? Don’t they crash all the time? I guess the Spanish Armada could be worse.

Dennis Duffy has such an underrated career…CYCLICAL

Malcolm doesn’t need to dig per se. Just scout the locations and think, and then find it. Doesn’t matter if he finds it in front of people, they all assume he has it anyway.

Even with an advantage, Cochran has no chance at this. Although that was quite an advantage. Can you switch arms every knot? Certainly makes it easier. I wonder if Cochran’s decision to use it early made sense…

Erik has been disappointing in these challenges…

Ok, Cochran’s advantage was better than I even thought. Holding a knot is huge.

Cochran has now won immunity solo the most times of anyone…looks like I’m going to lose someone tonight.

Malcolm is playing an interesting game. Sherri has a decent strategy of working with the muscle heads because they’ll never vote her out. I don’t like it though. Erik is a big snake. Or not. Erik needs to stick with people he can beat in challenges. He can’t beat Eddie or Reynolds or Malcolm.

Cochran is so smart. Can Cochran be my idol (does he have any memorabilia)? Sherri is gonna mess everything up. Poor Andrea and probably spells doom for Cochran.

Feel bad for Andrea.

It’s a shame Malcolm won’t go home. I think that’s my only chance. Cochran really wants Malcolm….

I’d have a billion ulcers if I played survivor.

Wow Malcolm, he gone, right? Cochran happy. Yay! Thought Sherri was going to flip, surprised she didn’t.

And that’s why Malcolm shouldn’t have used his other idol last week. Took it well.

You are winning 244-156.  We both have four players left.

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