Survivor Caramoan Episode 13 Recap

Do you think they plan a “falling apart” episode for everyone? Just save footage of people wigging out?

Wow Cochran became too big of a threat. Can’t deny he would win probably if he gets to the end. Brenda suddenly has a solid chance to win now that she is calling the shots.

On queue, here’s the Erik breaking down episode.

How is there an ice cream called magnum gold?

Dawn is crazy. I kind of believe that. Dawn’s husband looks younger than she does. 22 years of marriage, jeez. That long.

How can a video reinvigorate someone? I guess it’s impossible to know what you take for granted but it’s just a video…

If you go on Survivor would you have me visit or like your wife if you were married? I’d never forgive you if you picked her, just FYI.

Brenda probably shouldn’t be telling everyone that she is only being humble as part of strategy.

I guess with these reunions, you don’t see the loved one so emotional and they’ve spent just as much time apart, right? Of course they been eating and around other friends/family. Why am I dwelling on this?

Cochran is screwed in this challenge. Erik gets his brother? That’s just not fair. His brother is the third most athletic person there. Eddie’s obese father not so good at this.

Brenda takes it? Again, Erik not showing up, it runs in the family it appears.

OMG two loved ones!?!? /sarcasm/ This episode is lame so far.

This got evil fast. What a horrible decision for Brenda…personally I’d probably just take the reward. Being a martyr won’t help in the end, might as well enjoy the food.

Wow she gave it to them. Interesting move. So weird.

Hey Dawn is freaking out, shocking….I shouldn’t be laughing at her but she’s being ridiculous.

Cochran now talking about getting rid of Brenda cause of the decision…see, what I thought would happen.

My money is on Eddie in this immunity challenge. I’m surprised at how weak Eddie has been…thought he’d handle this one and he’s out immediately.

Brenda shouldn’t give up. Wow Dawn won? So weird. So confused.

I think Brenda goes. Just a hunch. Brenda says she threw it basically…..interesting and a bad omen.

Brenda basically gunning for Cochran, tough.

Dawn gonna make the tough decision?  Brenda should go. I don’t think Eddie is a concern to win it. He did nothing all game.

Couldn’t Cochran have gotten Eddie in on the vote and blindsided Brenda without Dawn?

Oh shiz, Brenda!?!? Wow. Bananas. Mouth wide open. She’s pissed. This is kind of awesome. What did she expect? Them to let her win? She just blindsided Andrea….a week ago.

You are winning 348 to 195. I have 3 people, you have two.

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