Survivor Caramoan Final Episode COCHRAN AWESOMENESS

Erik is kind of a baby. Just my opinion….

Have there ever been two weaker first overall picks than Eddie and Erik?

Isn’t an IV a PED? That’s bull honky. Is Erik out?!?!?! Holy crap. Just dehydration? That’s weird. I feel a bit bad over the amount I’ve slammed Erik. Eddie has a huge opening now, wow.

Brenda has to feel weird about this; if Erik had crashed like 40 minutes earlier she might still be in the game….

That’s a heck of an opening scene. Best night of Eddie’s life…

Erik and Survivor just don’t mix. Score now, you have 396.5, I have 195 but I have 3 people and you have 1.

Random thought; not enough Phil Shepherd this season…bring him back next year and get dragon slayer too and Russell and Brandon and Andrea and Rob and, of course, Cochran.

Cochran cut out Dawn?….nice. Dawn should be the one they eliminate, although I do think Sherri does (and deserves) to finish above Eddie….

Sherri needs to start doing some magic.

Dawn is right, she made some damn good moves to get where she is. If she gets to the final, she probably wins.

They must have just made the next immunity challenge a reward challenge. This challenge screams immunity and the reward is an aid in the final immunity challenge….

Cochran has to have studied this sort of challenge. Do you think he has a room where he practices survivor challenges?

What do you know, Eddie screwed up, and he’s been horrendous in challenges. Of course Cochran sucked at this one.

I hope Sherri doesn’t win, that’d suck. Poor dawn. Come on Cochran, please Cochran!!!!! Yes Sherri fell. COCHRAN!!!!!!!!! That’s the shizz. Cochran is like my third favorite sports team. Orioles-Eagles-Cochran.

Shame this was only a reward challenge, not that I have a chance, I don’t think. Although maybe if I get the final three. You’ve gotten most of the points you are going to get.

How much you think Pavarti gets paid for the survivor after show? Probably way more than she should.

Sherri calling out dawn for the sympathy card. At least everyone rightly thinks Dawn would win, hate deluded survivors, so it’s nice to see some smarts out of dumb Sherri.

“Every day I get to see a new freakout from Dawn.”

I see enil Edam as evil Adam often.

I hate the nostalgic tour…it’s so lame. Cochran likes it though.

Brandon did exactly what I thought. Realized he couldn’t win and threw a tantrum.

Still forgot about Julia, man who was she?

Man, no idea who will win this. Suppose it depends on Cochran’s advantage.

Money is on Eddie. But should be close between him and Cochran. Maybe the advantage is better than I thought, Cochran flew through first level.

That slide looks vicious, gonna break someone’s knee.

Sherri is worthless.

Cochran huge lead, please god pull through, do what Donovan McNabb couldn’t.

This is nerve racking, come on Cochran. Outside of Terry, don’t think I’ve ever wanted someone to win more than Cochran. Build the damn puzzle.

Cochran never forgives himself if he loses this. Why did I pick Eddie to win this challenge, he’s been horrible at most things.

If Sherri wins, oh my. And about this time my online feed began screwing up and Eddie finally got his first piece and it was fixed. Or not. Interwebs be annoying. Damn you CBS.

Still looks like a Dawn-Cochran showdown. I wonder if Cochran has to bring Dawn if he wins, would be a brutal betrayal. She would die, me thinks. What happens with a continual 2-2 tie? Have to make fire or what?

COCHRAN. Oh holy night, silent night, oh ***k yeah mother****ers.

I think dawn wins if Cochran doesn’t have advantage.

I’ve pulled within 200 points. Does anyone think they have a chance against Cochran in final? I think he’d be making a huge mistake if he dumps dawn (amazing what winning that challenge did for my thinking), could be jury poisoning move there. But if he dumps dawn I have a chance.

Just crunched the numbers and I won’t come even close.

Eddie’s idea is awesome. Your girlfriend was right, sort of (“after Eddie is finished describing the business that he’d start if he were to be the winner of survivor”, girlfriend says, “so, albert wants Eddie to win?.”).

I still want Cochran to win but then get in a bromance with Eddie and open this kennel-bar and I’ll quit day job and charlotte and I are there.

I don’t think people respect the likable card, he didn’t do anything. Why would anyone respect what Eddie did? He didn’t do anything.

My money is that its dawn over Eddie. Or wait, Eddie now. God, I don’t know. If I were Cochran, I’d do Eddie and Sherri and say if dawn wanted to be here she would have won…

Still no accounting for people disliking Cochran because of the move. Wow Eddie. Cochran stayed loyal good for Cochran. Although did he really think Eddie could beat him?

Eddie was outscored by Erik, Brenda, and Andrea on your team, ouch. I’m down 140 points.

Still why was Sherri’s vote a foregone conclusion? Like why did she vote Eddie?

I do think in different circumstances Sherri could have been a real player (not to say top 3 isn’t a real player, but she has no chance, right?).

Cochran better bring it.

I always love the jury; just manufactured arguments/vendettas, which are awesome.

Dawn makes a good analogy: if this is football, I have to be willing to tackle.

Why is Sherri talking about how she is so successful? That’s so stupid. She’s giving the jury reasons not to vote for her. Didn’t think it was possible, but she has less of a chance after this than before.

Good argument from Cochran. I bet Reynolds says something stupid.

Cochran is only 26? How am I half a decade older than him? This blows.

Eddie got everyone to laugh at Sherri, which is awesome. Eddie tearing into dawn for her meltdowns, which is kind of fair. This is the smartest Eddie has ever been, little too late. Maybes he’s smarter than he came off. “At the bar with three amigos”, Eddie rules. I take back every mean thing I said about him.

Phillip excommunicating Sherri from stealth-r-us. Wow, these people really got annoyed at dawn during the game. I definitely underestimated how annoying dawn was, even though she was annoying to viewers. Seems like Phil is voting for Cochran.

Dawn is getting killed for playing the game? Little harsh, Cochran sort of did the same thing, but I guess he built friendly bonds whereas dawn created emotional bonds…severing emotional bonds hurts more than severing friendship.

Wow Erik destroying Sherri. Everyone destroying her. Sherri giving it back to him, nice. Erik can’t handle women.

Reynolds doesn’t let me down. Talks like a surfer dude.

Cochran worried about Andrea’s question. Shouldn’t be. Andrea is awesome. Underrated survivor Andrea is.

Love that everyone is ignoring Sherri.

Brenda OMG. Wow. This is amazing. This is awesome. Amazing. Top moment ever. Dawn better take it out. Wow she did it. That was gross. Brenda straight up humiliated her and dawn took it. Good for Dawn, that had to have helped Dawn.

I still think Cochran wins. 6-2 is my bet on votes.

Sherri looks so dejected. How did she delude herself into thinking she had a chance. Malcolm go dawn? Cochran should have emphasized that in addition to strategic dominance he dominated challenges, dawn didn’t do that…

Phillip is so genuinely happy for Cochran, I like the specialist.

Do you think Probst’s job is hard? Like could anyone do it? He clearly has to ask the right questions and be in random places for long periods of time.

Cochran won!!!!!!!!! Holy shit, he swept!?!?!?!? Wow.

Stupendous season.

You beat me by 27 points. Got close.

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