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My Last Fantasy Baseball Web Log…

…or not (most likely not). But, who knows really which way whither life will wind?

But I’m certainly taking a massive step back this year. In fact, the only thing I aim to write this year has been completed and is included in the Fantasy Fix draft guide, which you should totally purchase here and/or: My portion is 7 pages and thousands of words on 31 (or more?) of the most interesting relief pitchers for fantasy baseball (all types of leagues too: standard, holds, innings limit, K/9, etc.).

Read the full article for my 2014 fantasy baseball insights at the Fantasy Fix.

Fantasy Baseball Go Get or Trade ‘Em: Bud Norris for @theFantasyFix

Fantasy Baseball Go Get or Trade ‘Em: Bud Norris for the Fantasy Fix:

Bud Norris has the 41st best ERA (3.39) among qualified pitchers this season. He has the 69th best WHIP (1.48). These things, as the cool kids say, do not compute. Read the full article at The Fix.

Fantasy Baseball Go Get Him: Edwin Jackson? for @FP911

Fantasy Baseball Go Get Him: Edwin Jackson? for Fantasy Pros 911:

Edwin Jackson, less Action Jackson more Awful Jackson, AMIRITE?

The only good thing about Jackson’s 2013 has been his career high 8.59 K/9 rate. Unfortunately, his K% (20.1) and swinging strike% (9.6) are pretty similar to past performances, making the K/9 rate more of an outlier. In short, the one nice thing about Jackson’s season—the 56 K’s in 58.2 innings—is likely to come back to earth.

Read the full article at FP911.

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack: The Fantasy Insiders on @Rotoinfo_MLB Radio w/ @JoelHenard at 7:00 ET

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack squawking: The Fantasy Insiders on Rotoinfo Radio w/ Joel Henard at 7:00 ET: 

Survivor Caramoan Final Episode COCHRAN AWESOMENESS

Erik is kind of a baby. Just my opinion….

Have there ever been two weaker first overall picks than Eddie and Erik?

Isn’t an IV a PED? That’s bull honky. Is Erik out?!?!?! Holy crap. Just dehydration? That’s weird. I feel a bit bad over the amount I’ve slammed Erik. Eddie has a huge opening now, wow.

Brenda has to feel weird about this; if Erik had crashed like 40 minutes earlier she might still be in the game….

That’s a heck of an opening scene. Best night of Eddie’s life…

Erik and Survivor just don’t mix. Score now, you have 396.5, I have 195 but I have 3 people and you have 1.

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Survivor Caramoan Episode 13 Recap

Do you think they plan a “falling apart” episode for everyone? Just save footage of people wigging out?

Wow Cochran became too big of a threat. Can’t deny he would win probably if he gets to the end. Brenda suddenly has a solid chance to win now that she is calling the shots.

On queue, here’s the Erik breaking down episode.

How is there an ice cream called magnum gold?

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Survivor Caramoan Episode 12 Recap

I think I’m making a Cochran, stealth r us t-shirt. What was his nickname? I needs to Google. The Intelligence Attache.

How are Reynolds and Eddie still in? Mostly b/c Malcolm is an idiot. Eddie should have gone two weeks, and Reynolds last week…

I’m surprised people aren’t worried about the strong male competitors. Usually, Erik, Eddie, and Reynolds types are always kicked out around 8…no one wants them going on a run.

We should watch the finale together somehow. When is it?

I have no idea who is going to win. I guess it really comes down to these next challenges/moves. I don’t really see Brenda or Erik for that matter having a chance and probably not Eddie but the others do.

Maybe not Sherri….she hasn’t done much lately and nothing in the challenges.

This challenge has Brenda written all over it.

Eddie and Erik did what? What the hell is wrong with them? That was stupid. So stupid. The game is never kind to people who quite challenges.

Cochran, what the hell!?!?! Why……..why?

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Survivor Caramoan Episode 11 Recap

Been a long time. Last episode I watched was amazing…but so long ago.

I still can’t believe Erik did that…what a jerk, why pour salt in the wound?

Not that it mattered, but still.

Remember when people would do crazy votes just to mess with people? That was superb.

Erik is being strategic? Whaa????

Cochran is in awe of the tribal. That’s fantastic. You can see how happy he is just to have taken part in it.

Brenda appears a lot more trustworthy than I thought she’d be.

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Survivor Caramoan Episode 10 Recap

Last episode was awesome. I hear this one is pretty epic as well.

Got to give props to Andrea for last week. I thought she were off her rocker, but she was right.

Malcolm still has one idol up his sleeve, all he has to do is win some immunity challenges and he could be creative.

Dawn is, umm, special…she doesn’t have front teeth? Dawn got hit? That sounds traumatic. Go Brenda! She got Dawn’s vote if she makes it to the finals. CBS seemed to shoot this in a friendly way to dawn, good on them.

I love obstacle courses. “Bag of balls,” LOL.

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Survivor Caramoan Episode 9 Recap

Malcolm can’t be that upset that Corinne went. She’s the only one who knows he has an idol, now they have two idols and are in decent shape.

Malcolm v Shepherd is pretty good TV.

Philip working on Sherri? Nice. Gives her tenacity…that’s hilarious! “I have to play the specialist game,” it’s hilarious. She’s just teasing Phil, poor guy. I like Sherri, not sure why but I enjoy the way she’s playing – no nonsense.

These seem like unfair teams….Sherri didn’t get picked…f that. Eddie, that was horrible!

Maybe orange has a chance?

I love Andrea.

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