Survivor Caramoan Episode 11 Recap

Been a long time. Last episode I watched was amazing…but so long ago.

I still can’t believe Erik did that…what a jerk, why pour salt in the wound?

Not that it mattered, but still.

Remember when people would do crazy votes just to mess with people? That was superb.

Erik is being strategic? Whaa????

Cochran is in awe of the tribal. That’s fantastic. You can see how happy he is just to have taken part in it.

Brenda appears a lot more trustworthy than I thought she’d be.

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Survivor Caramoan Episode 10 Recap

Last episode was awesome. I hear this one is pretty epic as well.

Got to give props to Andrea for last week. I thought she were off her rocker, but she was right.

Malcolm still has one idol up his sleeve, all he has to do is win some immunity challenges and he could be creative.

Dawn is, umm, special…she doesn’t have front teeth? Dawn got hit? That sounds traumatic. Go Brenda! She got Dawn’s vote if she makes it to the finals. CBS seemed to shoot this in a friendly way to dawn, good on them.

I love obstacle courses. “Bag of balls,” LOL.

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Survivor Caramoan Episode 9 Recap

Malcolm can’t be that upset that Corinne went. She’s the only one who knows he has an idol, now they have two idols and are in decent shape.

Malcolm v Shepherd is pretty good TV.

Philip working on Sherri? Nice. Gives her tenacity…that’s hilarious! “I have to play the specialist game,” it’s hilarious. She’s just teasing Phil, poor guy. I like Sherri, not sure why but I enjoy the way she’s playing – no nonsense.

These seem like unfair teams….Sherri didn’t get picked…f that. Eddie, that was horrible!

Maybe orange has a chance?

I love Andrea.

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The Elvis Andrus Rule for @TheFantasyFix

For some time, I’ve been bizarrely intrigued by Elvis Andrus. Once, he appeared to be the next Jose Reyes, a 100+ run, 40+ steal, fantasy behemoth. While he has been a sturdy fantasy performer, he has often put together great first halves that were never a prelude to greatness. For whatever reason, people seem unaware that Andrus does a Jekyll and Hyde routine in the first and second halves of the season:













1st Half












2nd Half












Andrus has been caught stealing more times in the second half despite 36 less attempts—both the lack of attempts and success are disconcerting. With pretty close on base rates, the logical conclusion is that the rigors of a season wear Andrus down.

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Survivor Caramoan Episode 8 Recp

19 days seems like a real long time to play survivor. I can understand, sort of, how some people crack. You ever see that Solitary show? It’s not great, but free on Hulu, they do some ridiculous things to people.

“I made sure I got the gay.” WTF. Make it stop.

Philip telling them that he threw the challenge? Man, it’s hilarious that everyone knows he didn’t actually throw it. “That’s around the same time you blew the challenge.” Got to give Corinne that one, t’was funny.

Francesca, in the opening credits, LOL.

20 days without cheese would be hard.

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Survivor Caramoan Episode 7 Recap

Bikal fell apart the moment they made these bull corn teams. Do you think they drew them and seriously considering doing another draw? You couldn’t have made them more lopsided if you wanted.

I like Michael. He seems pretty smart. Tough deck he was dealt. If only he was on Corinne’s team from the jump. I’m not funny.

Philip isn’t an idiot.  I mean what Corinne said at tribal and these conversations….Philip isn’t wrong here. I want Cochran’s take here. Where’s his interview? Not enough Cochran and Andrea this season, IMO.

I like Cochran’s pessimistic realism.

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Survivor Caramoan Episode 6 recap

Kelsey is the author of my fate.

I think the game got less interesting without Brandon…obvious alert.

Phillip has the best wardrobe and manboobs….

Every time I see Shamar I shake my head. So good on paper. Well, championships aren’t won on paper!

Home Depot is a crazy place. Went there this weekend. I wanted to buy many brackets.

Commercials are the worst. Buy me a TiVo and pay monthly subscription?

Their camp was pretty awesome. It still is way better than the fans. Not even close, even without rice or whatever.

Switching tribes? God darn it. So hard to keep track.

Purple is so screwed. Every single athletic player is on orange. All the purple people are trying to spin this positively. They are screwed big time. Gonna loose loose loose. I only didn’t catch where Sherri/Julia/Andrea were, not bad…

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