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@JasonCollette & Megan Marshall join me & @JoelHenard on BDD Radio at 700

Jason Collette & Megan Marshall join me & @JoelHenard on Baseball Daily Digest Radio at 700:

We’ll talk Phil Humber, Matt Kemp, Clayton Kershaw, Marlon Byrd, Bobby Valentine, Vernon Wells, James Shields, B.J. Upton, Jacoby Ellsbury, Aroldis Chapman, Tampa Bay Rays, Sean Marshall, Jesus Montero, Nolan Reimold, Cliff Lee, A.J. Burnett, New York Yankees, Eric Hosmer, Klye Drabek, Danny Duffy, Francisco Liriano, Jake Peavy, Omar Infante, Paul Goldschmidt, Edwin Encarnacion, Michael Pineda, Alex Rodriguez, Andy Pettitte, Derek Jeter, Dave Winfield, Brett Gardner, Mariano Rivera, Gio Gonzalez, Ryan Dempster, Adrian Beltre, Jason Kipnis, Chris Perez, Matt Wieters, Juan Pierre, Drew Hutchinson, Neftali Feliz, Tommy Hanson, roto, fantasy baseball, and much more!

h2h Corner ~ I’m a Believer: May Edition

It struck me that this piece could be known as the twitter column…


Surprise, surprise, Lance Berkman is the top first baseman and my boy Zobrist is in the top 5. Expect Fielder/Pujols to replace them, with Teixeira and Howard filling out the top seven. Just a crazy deep position – I feel bad for those stuck with Justin Morneau and Kendrys Morales.

The Orioles have some buy low guys…Guerrero, Scott.

How is the human body so different from vessel to vessel: Holliday/Dunn, Bay/Morneau.

Matt Holliday – most underrated baseball player of the last few years? According to the players/Neyer, it is Shin-soo Choo. Hard to argue against that. Continue reading

h2h Corner ~ I’m a Believer: September Edition

h2h Corner ~ I’m a Believer: September Edition

Welcome to September’s “I’m a Believer” column. Yes, I got the name from a Monkees’ song. And yes, I like the song. Did you know that Neil Diamond wrote it, as well as many other songs by the Monkees? Isn’t Neil Diamond cool (Red Sox fans)?

Like the song teaches us, this column attempts to be a fun, quick read, mostly focused on what performances we can/can’t believe in.

Without further ado, I’m a believer that:

While Ryan Braun ranks in the top 30 players this year, he has had a disappointing season. Who has been the biggest disappointment on your roster? Post below! Continue reading

h2h Corner ~ The Buddy Garrity, Don Draper, Ed Norton Sales Convention

Buddy Garrity sales time (sell now)
When it is Buddy Garrity sales time, you should be moving players immediately. These are players that will likely regress to means or not perform as well as they have been (i.e., sell high candidates). In addition, they include guys I don’t think will perform well at all during the rest of the season. These are players you are best cutting your losses with. Continue reading

h2h Corner ~ I’m a Believer: August Edition

Welcome to this month’s “I’m a Believer” column. Yes, I got the name from a Monkees’ song. And yes, I like the song. Did you know that Neil Diamond wrote it, as well as many other songs by the Monkees? Isn’t Neil Diamond cool (Red Sox fans)?

Like the song teaches us, this column attempts to be a fun, quick read, mostly focused on what performances we can/can’t believe in.

Without further ado, I’m a believer that:

If you need speed, Emilio Bonifacio makes an interesting add in deep leagues.

Jonathan Broxton, Francisco Rodriguez and Brad Lidge have been three of the worst relievers over the last month. With Lidge actually being the most valuable of the trio. Go figure.

The best thing about summer that isn’t sports or bikini related is Big Brother. I like big boobed chemist sounds like Maria from Celebrity Apprentice. Agree? Also I feel like Matt is a less nerdy version of Ronnie. He is playing way too hard this early. The brigade will be picked apart when Enzo turns on Hayden because of Kristen. The winner: Lane. I think he is sneaky smart. Also Britney is very pretty/bitchy.

Jered Weaver is a dream weaver.

As I mentioned last month, the Astros have, at least one intriguing young player in Chris Johnson. The Astros should trade anyone they can to get young cheap pieces for, including Brett Myers.

This is the easiest column to write. It’s lazy, like you and me.

I still don’t buy Adrian Beltre’s production (.358 BAbip). Just an FYI: his average has gone down from .349 to .333 over the last month. During the last 28 days his BAbip was .265. That is closer to his career total of .294.

Ed will win Hell’s Kitchen.Boy was I wrong with that one. My girlfriend thought Holli a few weeks ago. She might be right.

The minute I give up on Cole Hamels he starts to dominate again.

I thought I was crazy when I said Billy Wagner could strike out 100 batters this year. Well he has 61 Ks already.

You never should draft a catcher high. Your top 5 fantasy catchers on the year: Joe Mauer, Miguel Olivo, Brian McCann, Mike Napoli, and John Buck. Three were afterthoughts on draft day. Buster Posey has been the number one fantasy player over the last month.

I will own James Shields all year – I will never give up on him.

Rickie Weeks is one of the best kept fantasy secrets – a top five second baseman. He is Dan Uggla with a little speed and better average.

I still find it hard to trust Josh Hamilton. Let’s call it a hunch.

I’ve tried to write negative things about Alex Rios, but I can’t find any facts to support those negative views. In short, he’ll continue to be the rock star I thought he was a few years ago.

Ricky Nolasco is back: 49 Ks over his last 40 IPs with a sub 1.00 WHIP

I’ll still take Albert Pujols as the top first basemen next year, even if he finishes behind Miguel Cabrera, Joey Votto and Ryan Howard this year.

Robinson Cano, depending on how much you paid/where you drafted him, could be a very nice keeper next year. I’ll go ahead and call him the next fantasy Chase Utley (he doesn’t have Utley’s glove or base running acumen).

I stand by July’s statement: “Dan Haren, notwithstanding his regular second half swoons, makes an interesting buy. If he is traded, we could see an uptick in performance.”

While he hasn’t been exceptional, Mark Teixeira is looking at 35+ HRs and a top 30 ranking at the end of the year.

Ranking Alex Rodriguez in 2011 will be very interesting. Evan Longoria (on pace for a near 30-30 season with over 100 runs and RBIs), Kevin Youkilis and David Wright seem to have left him behind. Is he a third rounder?

Justin Upton has brought his average up to .280. He’ll have a monster rest of the year.

It really shouldn’t be a shock that Derek Jeter (in a semi-unlucky/down year) is the second best fantasy shortstop. At some point, we have to just believe.

Tim Lincecum’s 2010 is exactly why you don’t draft a pitcher in the first round. You never know what can happen. Another reason? The top five pitchers this year: Adam Wainwright, Josh Johnson, Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee and Ubaldo Jimenez. The next five Mat Latos, Jon Lester, Jered Weaver, Carl Pavano and Felix Hernandez. That’s crazy preseason fluctuation.

That said, people are overreacting to Lincecum’s swoon. I’d have no problem buying him. I certainly see him as a top 15 pitcher going forward.

Elvis Andrus has a just enough Chone Figgins in him to scare me a tiny bit.

Vicente Padilla has been downright nasty over his last 34 IPs. He won’t continue to be this good.

Next year I am only drafting Rangers outfielders. If Nelson Cruz could stay healthy, he might challenge for top 10 status.

People are always happy when they draft Torii Hunter. There he sits in the top 50 again this year above the likes of Hollywood Matt Kemp, Phenom Justin Upton, and lefty-masher Jayson Werth.

Ryan Dempster is the most underrated fantasy pitcher. Teammate Ted Lilly isn’t too far behind.

I’m surprised Andrew McCutchen barely sneaks into the top 100 and that his numbers are marginally better than Andres Torres. I like Torres, he has been a godsend in an NL-only league where I finally traded Jason Bay and dropped Nate McLouth. By the way, Jose Tabata should be owned a lot more.

Speaking of speedy Pirates, Nyjer Morgan is starting to get on base and not get caught stealing.

Jim Thome benefits the most from Justin Morneau’s concussion.

I’m looking good for saying Alfredo Simon would end up with “the most saves of anyone who is SP-eligible.”

FB101’s 411: Stick to your guns. Don’t stop believing.

All stats as of July 28.

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