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Don’t Look Back In Anger: Cliff Pennington & Nolan Reimold

For Razzball: Don’t Look Back In Anger: Cliff Pennington & Nolan Reimold



h2h Corner ~ Check You On the Flip Side: Johnny Gray

For the history of this series, check out this article: Check You On the Flip Side: Howard Johnson.

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Artistically, this card is beautiful. The color contrast with the shading is just perfect. That YouTube double rainbow guy would be flipping out if he saw this. You also can’t beat an elephant standing on a baseball while brandishing a bat!

What strikes me as most fascinating is the “You’re the Ump” question. For some reason, it indicates that, in the American League, if a ball hits the foul pole and bounces back into play or into foul territory the hit is scored a double, whereas if the ball bounces into fair territory in the stands it is a homer. Whaa? That is some awkward backyard Wiffle Ball rules if you ask me.

Clearly there is a massive logic fail here.

Another logic fail is the idea that Gray was a hard luck loser. He had a 1.92 WHIP in 1954. That year was the only time a team let him pitch more than 26 IPs. Big guy, beautiful card, just not a good pitcher.

What do you think of this article? Did you enjoy? Has anyone else done this? Let me know if I should continue.

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h2h Corner ~ I’m a Believer: September Edition

h2h Corner ~ I’m a Believer: September Edition

Welcome to September’s “I’m a Believer” column. Yes, I got the name from a Monkees’ song. And yes, I like the song. Did you know that Neil Diamond wrote it, as well as many other songs by the Monkees? Isn’t Neil Diamond cool (Red Sox fans)?

Like the song teaches us, this column attempts to be a fun, quick read, mostly focused on what performances we can/can’t believe in.

Without further ado, I’m a believer that:

While Ryan Braun ranks in the top 30 players this year, he has had a disappointing season. Who has been the biggest disappointment on your roster? Post below! Continue reading

h2h Corner ~ Keep, Trade or Drop: Tommy Hanson, Clayton Kershaw, Brett Anderson?

This is some loaded young pitching talent. They were sleepers last year, some (Brett Anderson) are major sleepers this year. Continue reading