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h2h Corner ~ Check You Out On the Flip Side: Bill Buckner

For the history of this series, check out this article: Check You On the Flip Side: Howard Johnson.

Buckner - 1973 BackBuckner - 1973 Front

While this card doesn’t exactly have a zany tale on the back, it does serve as a Homer-esque prologue to what will become an enigmatic career.

Buckner, from a young age, was always adept at putting the ball in play. Through just three minor league seasons, he posted a .328 AVG, but just a .345 OBP. As this 1973 Topps Card suggests, Buckner wowed the team in spring training, earning full time duties at just 21-years-old. Continue reading

h2h Corner ~ Keep, Trade or Drop: Clay Buchholz, Derek Holland, Neftali Feliz?

I really thought Neftali Feliz would be the keeper in this one, which means of course he isn’t. What do I find wrong with a 1.74 ERA, 0.68 WHIP and an 11.3 K/9 rate? Well, for starters, that came in only 31 major league IPs. It’s an incredibly small sample size that we can’t anoint as gospel just yet. What’s that you say? Oh, his minor league track record (276 IPs, 3.03 ERA, 1.19 WHIP, 10.6 K/9). Yes that is all well and good, but there is a chance Feliz ends up a reliever ala Papelbon. While Papelbon is certainly valuable in fantasy formats, he is no frontline starter. Continue reading

h2h ~ The Buddy Garrity/Don Draper/Ed Norton Sales Convention

Who isn’t versed in financial lingo nowadays? In these tough economic times, it has become clear that everyone needs to know how to manage their finances. You certainly can’t leave it up to the experts. Continue reading

h2h Corner ~ Katy Perry All-Stars VII

Welcome to the latest installment of the weekly hot and cold fantasy trends update.

It’s been a while since I updated you on my running prowess (i.e., bragged). Thanks to Katy (yeah we’re on first name basis), Continue reading