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h2h Corner ~ Red Light District, the Closer Carousel

I almost decided to rebrand this column “Aint no Other Man.” Instead, however, I have chosen to defer to Bob Dylan and Wag the Dog when they so famously said “why change horses in mid-stream?” Technically, this isn’t mid-stream; fantasy owners should know that we aren’t that far into the year. It is only May 20. Continue reading

h2h Corner ~ Brad Ziegler, A’s closer

With news that Joey Devine, he of the 0.59 ERA last year, is headed to the DL and Dr. James Andrews, Brad Ziegler appears to be the next closer wire claim of the unborn season. In 59 innings last season, Ziegler struck out 30 batters (not great), but posted a 1.06 ERA and 1.15 WHIP.

With worse ratios than that, he could be a 30 save closer in 2009. He is certainly someone who can step right in for Joey Devine and perform. Don’t forget, last year Ziegler set a major league record for most consecutive scoreless innings to start a career.

There is the chance that major league batters caught up to his funky delivery slightly, as he posted a 3.00 ERA in September/October. Still, as a waiver wire pick-up, you should be jettisoning your Mariner’s closers, Fernando Rodney, Chris Ray, George Sherrill, Chris Perez, and J.J. Putz types. A 3.00 ERA closer is still a rosterable entity.