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h2h Corner ~ Cardboard Gods, an interview with Josh Wilker Pt. II

Did you miss part I of my discussion with Josh Wilker, author of “Cardboard Gods,” the book? If so, check it out, you don’t want to miss his thoughts on fantasy baseball, baseball cards, facial hair and stat geeks.

You know numbers, you know history, you know greatness. What do you think about how the current record book sits? Continue reading

h2h Corner ~ Cardboard Gods, an interview with Josh Wilker Pt. I

The biggest benefit for a nerd like me having a side job like this is the access to the luminaries in baseball. Last year I was able to interview the fantastic Jonah Keri.

This year I am equally privileged to have received an early copy of Josh Wilker’s book “Cardboard Gods.” As Rob Neyer is an infinitely better writer than myself, I’ll let his words capture my thoughts upon finishing the enthralling read (it took me four days): “Josh Wilker writes as beautifully about baseball and life as anyone ever has.” Perfect. Just like the book. Continue reading

h2h Corner ~ I’m a “huge nerd” (Update)

After my girlfriend heard me on the radio, she said “you sounded like a huge nerd.” This is coming from a woman who is working full time, while getting her master’s degree in public policy. Pot and Kettle go well together?

Well, the latest evidence of my full blown nerd outbreak is evidenced at the Topps Blog. The Topps Blog has produced a collectors roundtable on “the state of the hobby.” There will be several parts. In the first, I and 14 other collectors discuss our history with collecting and favorite stories and experiences. In the second part, I answer questions on exclusivity deals and how the internet is changing collecting tangible things. In the third roundtable, I demand free cards from Topps.

Let me and my fellow roundtablers know your thoughts! Continue reading