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h2h Corner ~ Check You Out On the Flip Side: Tim Burke

Tim Burke backTim BurkeHopefully you, my dear reader, also experience much enjoyment from reading. Otherwise, what the heck are you doing here!?!?

But in all lack of seriousness, the phrasing on this card just cracks me up.

Why not say Tim enjoys reading or Tim likes to read – not Tim experiences much enjoyment from reading.

Furthermore, what kind of literature does Tim experience the most enjoyment from? Is it adult novels? Travel guides? Sports Illustrated?

What else did Tim derive much enjoyment from? Well his bullpen-mates not allowing the runners he put on base to score. Tim might go down as benefiting from one of the best career strand rates in baseball history. For his career, he had a 77.1 left on base percentage. In four of his first five seasons, that rate was over 80%. Typically strand rates range from 70 – 72 percent.

That is how someone who finished his career with a 2.72 ERA could have a 3.46 FIP.

This is why baseball fans need to derive much enjoyment from reading nowadays. To the untrained observer, Burke, with a 2.72 ERA and 1.21 WHIP, would seem to be a pretty good pitcher; when, in reality, he was an above average pitcher who had a little help along the way. Still, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Hey, he did pitch the ninth most games (78) by a rookie (tied with Brad Lidge, Ricky Stone, and Ed Vande Berg).

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