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The Chicago Cubs: Pitching their way into the Hearts of Fantasy Baseball Players for Fantasy Pros 911

The Chicago Cubs: Pitching their way into the Hearts of Fantasy Baseball Players

A look at the soaring value of Matt Garza, Ryan Dempster, Travis Wood, Chris Volstad and others.

2012 Fantasy Baseball Head-to-Head Starting Pitcher Preview for FantasyPros911

2012 Fantasy Baseball Starting Pitcher Preview – head-to-head for FantasyPros911:

A look at fantasy baseball starting pitchers and their ranks for 2012. The post includes in-depth analysis of Yovani Gallardo, Jon Lester, Matt Garza, Ervin Santana, Ted Lilly, Edwin Jackson, Jeremy Hellickson, Jaime Garcia, Sean Marshall, Jair Jurrjens, Ryan Vogelsong, Ryan Dempster, Colby Lewis, A.J. Burnett, Henderson Alvarez, Travis Wood, Jordan Lyles, Homer Bailey, and more!

h2h Corner ~ Katy Perry (Hot ‘N’ Cold Fantasy Baseball) All-Stars

Players get hot and cold over a seven-day period, it’s as sure as the samples are small.

That is why Katy created the Hot ‘N’ Cold All-stars.

‘Cause you’re hot…you’re yes…you’re in…you’re up

Austin Jackson – Action Jackson (Ajax for short) over the last seven days flashed 2010’s brilliance: 11/29 with a home, a steal and seven RBIs. That brought his yearly RBI total to…16.  But no one owns him for those numbers. To date,Jackson is just 4/6 in SB attempts, after going 27/33 last season. Clearly his speed pace is way down, mostly do to his complete inability to get on base (.227 average, .284 OBP). Not surprisingly, his .396 BABip last year is being replaced by a somewhat more human .327. A large portion of that has to do with more ground and fly balls and less line drives. He is being pitched roughly the same as last year and isn’t swinging and missing more or making demonstrably less contact. Is the last seven days a sign of resurgence? Sort of, I think. He’s not this bad of a hitter; he’ll get to .260 with his typical seven percent walk rate (i.e., .315 OBP). He’ll get 22-25 steals. In a lot of leagues, that is useful.

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h2h Corner ~ Katy Perry (Hot ‘N’ Cold Fantasy Baseball) All-Stars

Players get hot and cold over a seven-day period, it’s as sure as the samples are small.

That is why Katy created the Hot ‘N’ Cold All-stars.

Cause you’re hot…you’re yes…you’re in…you’re up

Mike AvilesAviles has been a fantasy tease (at least for me) over the last several years. So is his last seven days (two HRs, one SB and a .474 AVG) tease or reality? I’m hoping it is closer to reality, as he is getting full playing time because Chris Getz is injured. For whatever reason, the Royals think it is advantageous to split at bats between the two. Aviles is a good player, capable of helping your batting average out right away. He’ll add light pop and light steals, but, when he plays, he is an above average middle infielder. Continue reading

h2h Corner ~ Katy Perry (Hot ‘N’ Cold Fantasy Baseball) All-Stars

Players get hot and cold over a seven-day period, it’s as sure as the samples are small.

That is why Katy created the Hot ‘N’ Cold All-stars.

Loyal readers – we can all breathe a sigh of relief, as, at long last, Katy Perry has “reclaimed her position as queen of airplay.” Since California Gurls took the summer by storm, Katy has worked hard to climb back to the top spot – this time with Teenage Dream.

Really, it’s about time. And it’s about time for you to reclaim your spot at the top of your h2h pyramid. Most leagues are either in the play-offs or in the last week of the regular season.

For those in the play-offs, know your tie-breaker. If you own the tie-breaker, you only have to win five categories that week. So, look at your past history against your opponent and try to identify the categories you are going after. I recommend streaming pitchers as much as possible to secure wins and Ks. If you have good relievers, you can then scoop up saves, meaning you only have to secure two hitting categories for the win.

If you are in the last week of contention, be sure you know what you need to secure a play-off spot. In my most competitive league, I have a three game lead. Basically, all I have to do is go 5-5 (the likelihood of the second place team winning 8-2 or 9-1) is very small, so I’m focused on gobbling up categories. Now is the time to study and come out with a game plan for getting back on top. Continue reading

h2h Corner ~ The Buddy Garrity, Don Draper, Ed Norton Sales Convention

Buddy Garrity sales time (sell now)
When it is Buddy Garrity sales time, you should be moving players immediately. These are players that will likely regress to means or not perform as well as they have been (i.e., sell high candidates). In addition, they include guys I don’t think will perform well at all during the rest of the season. These are players you are best cutting your losses with. Continue reading

h2h Corner ~ Katy Perry (Hot ‘N’ Cold) All-Stars

Players get hot and cold over a seven-day period, it’s as sure as the samples are small.

That is why Katy created the Hot ‘N’ Cold All-stars.

In honor of everything that is good and holy in America and because you are busy this weekend with BBQs, parades and fireworks, this week’s Katy Perry lesson is merely a link to “The Full Esquire Nude Shoot (PHOTOS).”

Drink responsibly and drink American (sort of)!

Cause you’re hot…you’re yes…you’re in…you’re up

Coco Crisp – Since coming off the DL, Crisp has torn it up. Over the last seven days, Crisp hit .474 with nine runs and three SBs. When Crisp is healthy, he’ll steal. He is also pushing Rajai Davis (more on him later) to the bench. Crisp makes a great pick up in 12-team and deeper leagues.

Clint Barmes –While Barmes has not performed well this season, there are some signs of life. Over the last seven days, Barmes hit .407, two HRs and added seven RBIs. With Troy Tulowitzki injured, playing time is not as tenuous as it was a week ago. I’d be adding Barmes in NL-only and 20-teamers.

Corey Patterson – Over the last seven days, one-time big time Cubs prospect Patterson hit .500. He also scored six runs and stole three bases. Felix Pie (a more recent big time Cubs prospect) is expected back within the week, so Patterson’s playing time could be in jeopardy. However, Luke Scott did hit the DL, so there is a chance the Orioles will give regular at bats to Adam Jones, Nick Markakis, Patterson and Pie. Still, there isn’t much upside with Patterson. His best value lies in super deep leagues and AL-onlys. Shallower mixed league owners can ignore the week.

Cliff Pennington –The shortstop position has not been kind to fantasy owners this year. Pennington has been a pretty regular waiver wire tease in 12-team leagues, especially over the last seven days (.476 AVG, five RBIs and three SBs). If you are looking for shortstop help, Pennington makes a pretty good grab. He’ll hit for a decent average, score some runs and steal the occasional base. At the least, he won’t hurt you.

Wilson Valdez – With Chase Utley and Placido Polanco hitting the DL, Valdez has a clear route to playing time as long as he performs. Well, so far, he has (.278 AVG and two HRs over the last seven days). Still, Valdez is 32 and hasn’t done anything special so far. Basically, he’ll provide a .260 or so average and score some runs in a (still) impressive Phillies line-up. He is really only a super deep or NL-only option.

Matt LaPorta – With the trade of Russell Branyan, LaPorta (who was killing the ball in the minors) gets another shot at major league pitching. So far, the six percent owned 1b/OF has hit three HRs in just 17 ABs. Let’s temper expectations a bit though, as he owns a career .243 average in the Bigs. He was a big time prospect who is maturing (he is 25) so he might be hitting his stride. Nevertheless, I doubt if his value will ever be higher. If you can trade him (including in keeper leagues), I’d strongly consider it.

Wilson Betemit –Maybe it’s all those Betemit rookie cards I have, but I’ve always held a fantasy baseball fondness for Betemit. Over the last seven days, he hit .455 and smacked a homer. I’d definitely recommend stashing him in AL-only leagues, but that’s about it. He’s shown glimpses of real power, but who knows about his playing time in Kansas City.

Vicente Padilla – The Padilla Flotilla is back, in full effect. Last week, in two starts, he struck out 12, posted a 1.93 ERA and a 0.79 WHIP. He seems to like pitching in Dodger stadium, as evidenced by his surge at the end of 2009. Still, this week represents the best two start combo he’ll have all year. That doesn’t mean he is worthless. He is definitely worth a grab in NL-only and 20-teamers.

Travis Wood – All of a sudden the Reds are oozing young pitching prospects out of the minors. Wood, 23, is the latest to toe the rubber. In his first major league start, Wood went seven innings, gave up just two runs, struck out four and posted a 0.71 WHIP. In six minor league seasons, Wood has posted a 3.34 ERA and 1.22 WHIP. Most recently in AAA, Wood posted a 3.13 ERA, 1.13 WHIP and 7.9 Ks/9. He hasn’t appeared to have a problem with the HR ball (0.7 per nine in the minors), so he could have some success this season. From the guy who brought you John Ely and Jhoulys Chacin, grab him in most leagues.

Then you’re cold…then you’re no…then you’re out…then you’re down

Cole Hamels – Last week, Hamels got two starts: 11 IPs, 11Ks, but a 6.55/1.55 ERA/WHIP. At this point, I might have to stop making apologies for Hamels. He has a .297 Babip this season (.300 over the last seven days). He is striking out more batters (8.9/9 in 2010 versus 7.8 last year); however he is walking about one more batter per game. Until those walk numbers come down and he gives up a few less HRs, Hamels is not a fantastic option. He looks a lot more like AJ Burnett than Cliff Lee.

Mike Pelfrey – I feel like I’ve piled on Pelfrey lately, but I kind of have to. He simply isn’t the kind of pitcher that can give you something when he doesn’t have his stuff. For instance, while Hamels sucked last week, he did offer 11 Ks. Meanwhile, in Pelfrey’s two starts, he only collected 5 Ks, while posting a 5.06 ERA and 1.78 WHIP. Quite simply, he can’t help in all categories, which keeps him from being a fantasy stud. He’s still good, but more of a #2/3 starter.

Rajai Davis – With the health and emergence of Coco Crisp, Davis has seen his playing time cut. The A’s have never seemed to be big Davis fans and it is really showing. Unfortunately, it has also translated to the field. Over the last seven Davis, in just 13 ABs, collected one hit. It’s probably dumps time for Davis in mixed leagues.

Jose Bautista – With a .230 hitter (as Mark Reynolds’ owners can attest), there will be weeks like this. Over the last seven days, Bautista hit .192. I think Bautista owners should get use to this, as he’ll have a much rockier second half than he did in the first. He simply isn’t that reliable.

All stats as of noon July 2.

FB101’s 411: Be sure you know how to judge a hot streak. Coco Crisp, Pennington, and Wood make good adds. Keep your eye on Patterson, Barmes, LaPorta, Padilla, and Betemit.

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