Survivor Caramoan Episode 12 Recap

I think I’m making a Cochran, stealth r us t-shirt. What was his nickname? I needs to Google. The Intelligence Attache.

How are Reynolds and Eddie still in? Mostly b/c Malcolm is an idiot. Eddie should have gone two weeks, and Reynolds last week…

I’m surprised people aren’t worried about the strong male competitors. Usually, Erik, Eddie, and Reynolds types are always kicked out around 8…no one wants them going on a run.

We should watch the finale together somehow. When is it?

I have no idea who is going to win. I guess it really comes down to these next challenges/moves. I don’t really see Brenda or Erik for that matter having a chance and probably not Eddie but the others do.

Maybe not Sherri….she hasn’t done much lately and nothing in the challenges.

This challenge has Brenda written all over it.

Eddie and Erik did what? What the hell is wrong with them? That was stupid. So stupid. The game is never kind to people who quite challenges.

Cochran, what the hell!?!?! Why……..why?

Sherri can’t do anything. That said I would have picked this as my final three.

Andrea is an all-star. I love her. As a survivor player. She could be in my top 5 favs:

  1. Cochran
  2. Dragon slayer
  3. Rob
  4. Terry

Toss up then. I like Phillip a good deal, hate cirie and Aras and Danielle. Where’s Yao on your list?

Do you like Ozzie? Does anyone? What about that grave digger guy, he was kind of cool (although lost when he had two idols).

Found the idol in like two minutes. Poor Malcolm.

Cochran making a funny joke at Erik’s expense. Erik never live down giving away immunity.

Why does Andrea want to get a strategic player out? You leave Reynolds around is silly….people are really scared of Brenda? Weird.

Get rid of Reynolds, he’s the only one who can run the table, get Brenda next if you want (I don’t fear Eddie in anything, he’s stoopid).

Andrea is a bigger snake than Erik. Erik more a weasel.

Oh, I assume its Reynolds, right? I’d be surprised if they took out Brenda…

There goes Reynolds. Was sort of good while it lasted. He was kind of annoying and super arrogant too.

He took it real well though, gots to give him that. I’d throw a hissy fit. I think.

Andrea thinking of pulling in Eddie and smooching, me thinks. Andrea cold blooded.

Wow Cochran blew up Andrea’s spot. Gonna be hard to get rid of Andrea though.

Eddie now most athletic dude in challenges. Will he win anything. What about Erik? Has he just been playing possum?

I think Erik wins this one.

Eddie behind Cochran and dawn? What the hell? Worst first pick ever?

Although Eddie destroyed the knots for what it’s worth…

Erik is a dummy…I think.

This all got really close. Why is the ladder so hard to build? I guess once you get a few, less options so it goes faster.

Was right on Erik at least. Eddie sucks. (My opinion). Probst making fun of Erik for giving away immunity last time…dumbest thing ever.

Cochran making a move…Andrea is in tough stakes. I’ve turned on Andrea, you don’t try to cross Cochran.

It’s killing Cochran to trust Erik. Erik is such a boob listening to Andrea. I guess Cochran gonna stay regardless but if Erik is stupid enough to keep Andrea around and ditch Brenda. Well I guess he has proven to be that dumb before. Why does Erik think he is sharing the idol with Andrea (SHE OWNS IT)? Argggg just kills me.

Erik should want to get rid of Eddie, only dude that’s really stopping Erik from controlling his own destiny.

Weird tribal, kind of lacking substance given the amount of backstabbing supposedly going on. Can’t believe Erik is sort of controlling this. I say sort of controlling because he has the deciding vote just cause he’s a wishy washy lame-o.

I don’t like Erik…

Tell me it’s Andrea!

I don’t trust Erik though. Andrea getting scared and pissed. This is awesome. Andrea flipping her shizz. Andrea went and took it so well. This is a fun season, so much fun. Erik did what he should have, now get rid of Eddie…

Eddie just along for the ride. He doesn’t win even if he gets to the final, right? He hasn’t won or done anything.

You are winning by 102 points. We both have 3 people left. Andrea is the top scoring player so far.

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